Flirty Casual: How to Wear a Mini Skirt and Look Super Cool

Bloggers are going crazy for the mini this summer. Done well, the mini skirt can look super cool, laid back and totally awesome. The key is all in the styling... Let’s look at some of our favorite looks and why they work.

Yes, you heard correctly: The mini skirt is back! But this time it’s chic, stylish, with a big dollop of sass.

Bloggers are going crazy for the mini this summer. Be it jersey or embellished, day or night, done well, the mini skirt can actually look super cool, laidback and totally awesome. The key is all in the styling… pair a mini skirt with a boob tube (remember those?)—and yes, tacky Friday-club-nights-with-a-kebab-to-follow vibes are likely to arise—but wear the same skirt with a loose, grey marl tee and boom: Chic and sassy girl-about-town is ready to kick some serious, street-fashion ass!

Let’s look at some of our favorite looks and why they work.

Grey, Structured Mini

structured grey mini skirt

This cool daytime look encompasses tones of grey with a muted green, loose-fitting blazer giving a super laidback, comfortable feel.

This mini is structured and fairly tightly fitted, so a loose tee and jacket balances the outfit perfectly. A chunky watch and pair of boots add the hint of masculinity needed to ensure the mini doesn’t appear too girly.

The metallic bag both complements and lifts the whole look’s color palette.

Tartan Mini with Zips

Tartan Mini with Zips

This mini is the perfect versatile piece to take you from winter through summer simply by ditching the woolly tights.

As before, wear with something loose on your top half to balance the skirt’s structured shape, and keep the color neutral for complementing hues.

The cute zip detailing means not much accessorizing is needed aside from your everyday watch and bracelets.

For a more glamorous nighttime look, add a statement necklace and berry colored lips.

Embellished Yellow Mini


Proving that embellishment needn’t be just for glam nights out, this mini looks fabulous as daywear (even for work if you work in a creative field).

Paired with a loose, plain white cotton tee and sunglasses, the skirt becomes part of a relaxed smart-casual summer look. Gorgeous!

Denim Mini

Denim Mini Skirt

We think anything denim is pretty great in terms of style and wearability, and a denim mini is sure not to disappoint!

Denim can be worn with almost anything, so just take note of the shape when deciding what to wear with yours.

This one pictured looks great with something loose tucked in or hanging out, whereas a skater shape, for example, would need to have the top tucked in so as not to obscure or swamp its shape.

Wear with converses in the day and change it up to some sandal heels for night for all-day-all-night chic points.

Gypsy Printed Mini


This printed mini looks gorgeous with this high neck crop for a true summer feel.

Accessorize with beads and jewelry made from natural materials and wear your hair loose with some cute braids to embrace the gypsy style.

This skirt would look awesome with a loose knit or soft tee with converse for a more city-day look.

Plain Black Leather Mini

Plain Black Leather Mini Skirts

Leather, like mini skirts, can go one of two ways: Chic or trash.

To keep your look the former, make sure to combine leather with softer fabrics and neutral, muted tones such as this soft-knit jumper, in order to keep a balance in your outfit.

Keep your hair natural and team the skirt with a pair of leather boots and a simple shoulder bag for a fabulously chic daytime look.

Sassy Sequin Mini

Sassy Sequin Mini Skirts

Let’s face it: Who doesn’t love sequins? And what better way to rock them than all over a fabulous mini.

Make your evening look a high fashion one by combining different fabrics. For example, here a fine knit, loose-fitting top ensures the look is classy and not overly dressed-up.

Be adventurous in clashing various fabrics; velvet also looks great with sequins, for example, and the colour of this skirt can go with almost anything from neutral tones as pictured to rich, sumptuous mauves and teals. Go dramatic with your makeup and try a smoky eye or a rich purple lip for added va va voom.

Soft Layered Mini


Whoever thought a mini could be worn to work?

This sophisticated skirt uses soft folds and layering in a subtle tone that make it perfect for both work or a leisure-filled lady’s lunch, darling.

Again, team it with a casual tee for leisure and add a blazer for a smarter feel. Don’t forget some glamorous sunnies to finish off the look. So chic.

Mini with Converse

Mini Skirts with Converse

Here is a great example of a mini worn for daytime combined perfectly with an oversized, loose-knit cardigan, studded shoulder bag and converses.

Wear your hair loose and keep accessories to a minimum (sunglasses and a watch).

Tassel Skirt


Tassels always give a gorgeous Western feel to an outfit and are perfect for summer-time.

Here, the skirt has been paired with a loose-fitting cotton blouse for extra laid-back vibes, and we love it.

Add some subtle jewelry and accessories and keep the tones neutral, highlighting your sun-kissed hair and skin. Summer perfection!

Another Embellished Mini

Embellished Mini Skirts

Here is another embellished mini because, well, it’s gorgeous!

Complemented perfectly by a casual, grey marl tee and gold costume jewelry, this look is fabulous daytime to dusk glam, and we want the whole outfit—now.

The mini skirt is a truly classic piece that has circled around for generations, and it seems it’s here to stay!

So, embrace those summer pins and show them off in all their glory with one of these sassy minis. Be it day or night, a mini skirt can give you laid-back chic or full-blown glam, which we think makes it an essential wardrobe item!

Share your thoughts on the mini skirt below and let us know which is your favorite look! Do you dare to wear a mini? Would you ever risk a mini to work? Tell us!

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