The Right Color Dress for Your Blue Eyes

Make your eyes stand out with minimum make-up by wearing a dress in a flattering, eye-catching color.

Blue eyes go with a variety of colors, depending on your hair color and skin tone. If you’re planning on shopping for a special occasion, here’s what color dress you should choose to match your “baby-blues.”

White or Beige

No matter your hair color, if you put it up in a simple do and wear a light, neutral dress, your eyes will draw all the attention! A lacy white or floral beige will give you that Lolita-like look which goes great with minimum make up.

White Dresses

  • White Butterfly sleeve dress (
  • Roksanda Ilincic ivory dress (
  • Lace corset dress (

Black or Navy

Same as with neutrals, these colors will make your outfit look subdued, and automatically make your face and eyes the main focus points of your look. Black and navy are great choices for a more formal event, depending on the cut. Either way, you can’t really go wrong with that perfect little black dress.

Black Dresses

  • Rare London long sleeve dress (
  • Asymmetrical dress with gold belt (
  • Navy diamante dress (


A very light pink dress gives you a girly, romantic look, so this dress would be perfect for a date! For a really eye-catching outfit, go for a more aggressive, darker shade, or the always “fatal” deep red.

Pink Dresses

  • Traffic people dress (
  • Valentino bow dress (
  • Won red dress (


If your skin tone allows you to wear it, use the opportunity to match your eyes with their complimentary color – orange. It’s trendy, it’s fun, and it’s not a color we see so often for a full look, so you will definitely be the “belle of the ball” in an elegant orange dress. Go for a rich shade, but don’t go too dark – peach is also a nice choice.

Orange Dresses

  • Mango dress (
  • Sportmax Sava dress (
  • Cecilia Prado crochet dress (


Wear a dark purple dress if you’re feeling bold. If you have light blue eyes, it will make an awesome contrast, and if your eyes are a darker blue, purple will make them look even darker. A couture-looking dress will bring out the glamorous vixen (just think of Elizabeth Taylor, the purple-eyed style and beauty goddess!). The material should be rich and luxurious to make the color shine, so satin or silk would be my choice.

Purple Dresses

  • Matthew Williamson draped dress (
  • Eileen Kirby dress (
  • Temperley London silk dress (


If you have blond hair, the perfect pick would be a gentle, lemon shade of yellow or a very light green. Baby blue can also look cute, but why keep it that simple when there is a bunch of gorgeous pastels to pick from? Experiment with colors to see which one makes your eyes pop.

pastel dresses

  • Felicia dress (
  • Lime Green lace dress (
  • Rendezvous&I dress (

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