Winter Wear to Spring Wear: DIY Fashion Statements

Revamp your closet! Here are some fun and easy ways to turn your winter wear to spring wear! Craft stylish wear in a jiffy with our simple step-by-step guide.

Seasonal changes are upon us yet again, and all over the world the signs are blooming. Some are preparing for winter, while others are making way for spring or summer. Clothing has become quite an investment. Changing your wardrobe each season however, does not need to empty your pocket.


As the flowers start to bloom we know that springtime has come, nonetheless, the mornings may still be a bit chilly. Winter to spring transition can be a challenging time for any wardrobe. As spring settles in, many people are left with bulky clothing, warm tops plus hulking pants.

One option is to pack it all away and store it until next winter. This leaves you with space taken up in a closet or room, as well as a great wash cycle before winter next year, just to get that stale, musty smell out!

Therefore, packing away your winter clothes may not be quite the solution. So, why not rock that winter clothing, by turning winter wear to spring wear?

This will also give you some extra cash as the need for new clothing can wait! Amaze yourself and make a great fashion statement. Furthermore, you can do it yourself with these simple techniques!

Layering your clothing


Layering has become a great fashion trend. It also offers protection for those sudden weather changes, but most of all, it gives a chic appeal! It is highly recommended to start with garments that are light-weight, soft and easy to wear. These include leggings, camisoles along with t-shirts, dresses and blouses. From here you work your way up by covering with jackets, coats, scarves and more.

Use the power of color


Most women undervalue the power that lies within color when used as a styling tool! This is due to a fear of not truly knowing the impact it will have, and additionally, how do you know what the correct option for specific colors is.

There are few rules to color styling! You can add light blue or even navy to red, add pink to a faded orange or even try green with purple. Go bright and confidently colorful and trust your instincts. Take your style to a whole new level with some drastic colors.

Trends keep changing every year, so keeping up with them all can be a daunting task! So don’t! Set your own trends, be unique and add some excitement to your life. One general rule of fashion is to build a versatile wardrobe. Using a variety of color, prints, tailored clothing, and classic cuts with timeless pieces is challenging, but not impossible.

You only need one or two trendy items to make a perfect transition! Use these to combine with your clothing, creating new fashionable looks. This way you can stay ahead of the trends and keep your appeal relevant, chic and modern.

Spring is closing in quickly, so what is suitable or best to wear as the seasons change? We all enjoy spring as it brings lighter and less bulky clothing. This means we can move with ease again and not feel so weighed down, right? However, it requires a whole new set of clothing. This does not have to be the case! Change your clothing into spring wear!

For a versatile style, we have included some ideas for tops from winter clothing:

1. The tank top


This piece of clothing is, and I suspect will always be quite fashionable. It’s light, cool and looks just stunning. You can basically wear it on any occasion, shopping, to the beach, the park or even just a casual get together.

Here is a quick and easy way to make your own! Wear it with a long sleeve top or just as is, the option is yours.

Step one: Select one of your older t-shirts, one you don’t really wear anymore, or even a long-sleeve t-shirt! This method is so versatile and the final cut can deliver a range of new tops.

Step two: Cut out your neckline or if it is low, leave it in. If the top has an elastic in, cut it out. Cut the back of the t-shirt either away, sideways, leaving it longer on one side, or as you please. Do this in accordance with your hips. So the back is now cut as you want it!

Step three: Now, on the front half you can cut a line up the middle, but stop in line with your hips. You now have two parts in front, or you could cut it sideways like the back. You simply cut away what you don’t need!

Step four: Cut from centerline towards the side, making two points in front. These can be tied in a knot to complete your top.

Your tank top is now complete and ready to be worn!

2. Zebra top

This trend has become quite a new and exciting experience, as these kinds of tops come in a variety of styles. They are also ideal for wearing over almost everything. Try them with camisoles, sports bras, costumes and more.

Step one: Place t-shirt on bed or table. Fold in half, starting with the front.

Step two: Cut center out in a line, bubble or even a zigzag pattern. This style is tremendously adaptable! We have cut from big to small here.

Step three: Now cut the back of your top in the same way as the front!

Quick, easy and now you have something new to wear!

3. T-shirt dress


This design is so simple and easy, but moreover, it looks fabulous. Try this with a top just slightly bigger than what you usually wear, unless you wear oversized t-shirts!

Step one: Pull the t-shirt either up to just under your arms or over your head, and put your arms around the neck.The neck must fit nicely, not too tightly under your arms, nor loose enough to fall off!

Step two: Pull out the t-shirt arm and push it on the sleeve seam backward, pulling the point forwards.

Step three: Fold the sleeve point into the opposite side of the top, above your breast.

Step four: Repeat step two and three with opposite sleeve.

Now you have a new dress! Quick and easy, right?

4. Sexy strapless top

strapless top black

This is another one that is quite comfortable and easy to do, as long as you can use a needle and thread. This works best with a plain shirt, one with no pictures or writing. You will need a piece of elastic, nappy/safety pin, needle and thread. Measure the elastic so it fits comfortably on your chest.

Step one: Turn your top inside out. Cut a small vertical line into the bottom hem. Using the nappy/safety pin to thread the elastic through the hem. Attach the two sides of the elastic to each other. Now close the hole in the hem.

Step two: Turn the top back right side out. Place top on a flat surface and pin together the front and back of the top of the shirt in a straight line. Cut off the neck, the sleeves, as well as all material above the pins.

Step three: Sew a hem into this part, by hand or machine.

Your top is now ready to wear!

5. Face on the back of the top

This cut can be done with most t-shirts or tops. You can make your own design and keep it not only unique but also fun and exciting! Make your outfit rock, wear your crazy new style top to your next party.

Step one: Select a top and lay it down on a flat surface. Using a pencil, draw the picture you want on the back of your top.

Step two: Using a sharp scissor cut out the picture. Now you are done, wear your fabulous top as you please!

Face-T-shirtt shirt tree cut

Now let’s transform some jeans! Give them charm like they’ve never had before. Turn them into shorts, three-quarter pants or even funky, modern looking ripped jeans.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Amazing Bermuda shorts

These are very quick to make and bring an elegant appeal to your style! They are an ideal length for all seasons. If you do decide to turn them into spring shorts, this can also easily be done afterward!

Step one: Cut off the bottom of each leg, just about a hands width or more, as you want it.

Step two: Give each leg pipe two big folds or none if you cut it very short.

Step three: Catch the inside and outside of each leg with a needle and thread, this is so that the fold does not come loose. Now iron them.

Step four: Using glue, you can now decorate the new seam with glitter. Alternatively, you can attach cuffs or some lace, try using different buttons or just paint it with strips.

Short with lace

This is great for giving old pants a brand new appeal. Try a couple of different ones and make your friends jealous! You can also use this method to make Sausage Jar Shorts. This will give you a fresh spring look, as illustrated here.

2. Ripped jeans

With this style we also see some variation, some are just ripped, whereas others have some color added to them! This is actually a great fashion trend.

Step one: Put your jeans on and mark the places you are going to rip them.

Step two: Take the jeans off! Now cut horizontal lines or slits in where you have marked the holes.

Step three: Use a needle and loosen those areas, pulling out some of the white treads. If you prefer it only ripped, then remove some of the thread. However, to color them in those areas, leave the thread in.

Step four: For ripped effect, remove the thin blue threads as well. To color, the thread in those areas, use fabric dye or even a permanent marker. You can make the thread pink, black or whatever color you like.

Step Five: Wash your jeans before you wear them; this gives them a more authentic look.

ripped jeans

When the warm weather hits, will you be ready? Wear bright tights under your new pair of jean shorts for a shockingly brilliant appeal. Add a cozy vest over your new chic zebra top and look fashionable even before the spring arrives in full bloom.

The main idea of spring is to have fun! Let your wardrobe speak for your inner child; let it come out and play a little. With these styles, you will be comfortable as well as stylish with confidence.

What other ideas can you add to this article? Please share your thoughts and your opinions with us and the other readers; help make spring light for all!

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