Get The Guy: 5 Killer First Date Outfit Ideas

First dates are stressful enough without the added stress of choosing an outfit. That’s why we’ve put together 5 killer first date outfit ideas that will knock him off his feet!

He finally asked you out on a date. Butterflies are flying at 500 mph in your stomach. If that wasn’t enough, you now have to figure out what you’re going to wear. Should you choose the sultry look with something chic paired with red lipstick? Or should you keep it casual with that cute new blouse? Here’re 5 killer first date outfit ideas that will knock him off of his feet.

#1 Keep It Classy


If he’s taking you somewhere fancy on your first date, first of all I have to congratulate you: You’re a pretty lucky girl! Unfortunately, it means that the stakes are even higher. Not only do you have to find the perfect first date outfit that is flattering and appealing, but now it has to be fancy, too.

We recommend putting together an outfit of black and white – the most classic and elegant colors on the spectrum. We love this adorable short, yet utterly sophisticated and fancy white dress with lace detailing and a black belt. It’s adorable in every sense and is suitable for a high end restaurant as well as the ice cream shoppe you stop at afterwards. Pair it with a little black clutch and earrings for a sensational style.

#2 Gorgeous ‘N Girly


When it comes to first date outfit ideas, you can’t go wrong with girly. After all, what man doesn’t love a cute girl dressed up in a girly outfit? Taking a look at some of this year’s hottest dress trends, we highly recommend wearing a floral dress with a cute pair of heels. And don’t forget a darling handbag and matching accessories for a really cute and fun look that can be worn just about anywhere!

#3 Sporty Gal


Maybe you’re date is taking you mini golfing or bowling. What then? We suggest wearing one of your cutest sporty outfits. After all, sporty chic is one of this year’s hottest trends. We might as well capitalize on it. Not to mention showing your new guy there’s a sporty side to you is a total turn on for 99 percent of men. We love this basic sporty outfit, complete with shorts, basic black and white top, and cute black sneakers. Finish it off with a lovely ponytail or bun!

#4 Cool And Casual


When it comes to a first date – or any date for that matter – you can’t go wrong with casual. I mean, unless you’re going to a Red Carpet event or a five star restaurant, there’s really no need to get all dressed up. So why not keep it cool and casual?

This cute outfit is as comfortable as it gets, yet still totally appealing to the man you’re going out with. It features a pair of trendy floral shorts and a simple black top, and to add an element of feminine chic, finishes off with some high heeled black sandals. There’re so many ways to keep it casual – pants and a tank with a pair of one of this year’s top sandal trends, high waisted shorts and a crop top with some wedges – but this is definitely one of our favorites.

#5 Sassy ‘N Chic


So you’re a girl with a bit of feisty attitude, hmm? Well then we’ve got the perfect first date outfit for you. This sexy and incredibly appealing outfit can easily be dressed up or down, so whether you’re going to the movies or heading to one of the cute diners downtown, you can easily look your best. This particularly alluring outfit comes with a hot pink crop top with cut out detailing (also very popular this year!) and a gorgeous highwaisted black skirt. Finished off with a pair of black pumps, black handbag and golden accessories, this outfit is set to win.

First date? No problem. Not with these killer date outfit ideas. Whether you keep it casual with a button up and shorts or go elegant with a white lacy dress, we can almost guarantee a jaw-dropped man on the other side of the dinner table. He may just be at a loss of words. Happy dating, ladies!

What’s your go to first date outfit? 

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  • Love these outfits! You got every angle covered. What would you think about for the first one and the sport chic going with the clutch and maybe the sneakers in a different color like a lime green or magenta? Is that out these days??