How To Look Like Kendall Jenner

Get the trendy, fresh look of the up-and-coming Kardashian from head to toe!

Kendal Jenner is only 16, but she’s already a cool influence in the fashion world, following in the footsteps of her famous half-siblings Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. The Kardashian evening glamour meets a teenage look to create outfits that can be worn to class, and a red carpet event!


The Kardashians are known for their long, shiny dark tresses, and Kendall is no exception to the rule. The sixteen year old socialite and model usually wears her hair straightened, so forget the curlers, and go for the sleek, ironed look. Kendall and sister Kylie also like to wear loose ponytails, and for the evening, they go for a casual side-do, or wear their hair down for the “just rolled out of bed” tousled look. For a special evening out, try the super trendy seashell braid, also seen on the fashionista sisters.

Make Up


Unlike her famous older sisters, Kendall doesn’t wear a lot of make-up, but keeps her face young and clear with just a bit of the right products. With the Kardashians, it’s all about the eyes, so go for the black mascara, and a neutral gloss for the day, or a heavier, smoky-eye effect for the evening. Even out your complexion with a lightweight foundation, and put on fresh pinkish blush. Pick a neutral gloss in peach or rose, or even a clear shimmery one. For added glamour, wear faux eyelashes to make the eyes really stand out.

Casual Outfits

Oh, wouldn’t we all love to go into a Kardashian closet? As Kendall stated in a recent fashion interview, her favorite pieces are comfy sweatpants and scarves. For a gym outfit, combine the sweats with a cute tank top and sneakers. Dress up any casual outfit with a long scarf with a cool print.

We also often see Kendall in simple black tights, cute tops and flat boots. One of the things that she recommends as “in” for this season is bottoms with high waists. Even if you don’t have legs up to your neck like she does, try combining high-waisted jeans with a tube top, or a skirt with a flowing hippy shirt. One of our favorite Kendall outfits is the combination of a simple white top with high-waisted floral shorts, and oxford shoes. Boho chic anyone?

Evening Outfits


Kendall loves short dresses, little jackets and skyscraper heels! It’s always about the fun, flirty styling that gets your attention. For one red carpet occasion, Kendall went with a black ensemble of shorts, tank top and a leather jacket, paired with red high heeled booties.

She also loves strapless dresses in pastel, shimmery colors, paired with dark shoes and accessories. On more than one occasion, the young fashionista went with an electric blue dress, which accentuated her dark hair and skin tone. We’ve also seen her wear a couple of fancy black dresses with accentuated shoulder pads.

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