How to Pick the Right Thong

This object of desire, a piece of fabric that has miraculous power over both man and women, has been hype for over 75.000 years - now more than ever. Picking the right thong is essential or it loses its own purpose – to be comfortable, sexy and to stay hidden. Keep reading to learn more about its history and how to choose the perfect pair of thongs for you.

What prehistoric fashion designers originally had in mind was to lessen the burden of manhood which would result in succesful hunting, battles and tribal dance. Prehistoric thong, of course, never had an erotic function. Everything would remain exclusively in anthropological and archeological books – if it weren’t for Brazilians who became unusually hot from behind.

You can find them in almost all colors and fabrics, and buy them in specialized shops and boutiques. It’s rightfully said that they reveal more than they cover and that this particular item is a combination of serious eroticism and naked exhibitionism. Despite feminist criticism, there’s no doubt that thongs raise the blood pressure of most men.

There are several types of thongs and the most notable are: the G-string, the V-string and the T-string, the strip dancing and cheeky.

To pick out the Right Thong you’ll need – a wide selection of panties, one booty and a trusty mirror.

girl in black underwear and white shirt

  1. There is a practical purpose to wearing thongs; it feels comfortable to wear closefitting skirts or tight jeans without having to worry about panty-lines.
  2. When choosing the size that fits you, treat thongs like any other panties – if it’s too tight, it will cut of your circulation and if it’s too big, it’ll sit above your waist line. Both are unacceptable.
  3. Thongs come in different shapes and cuts, like – a G string, Hip huggers, high-waist, low rise etc. Choose what’s best for you and avoid ones that won’t stay hidden.
  4. When it comes to fabric – I recommend cotton blended with nylon, microfiber, lace or lycra. Wearing thongs to sleep is a no-no as it might encourage yeast infections.
  5. Think about what you are planing to wear and pick a thong in the same color. It’s supposed to be discrete, so no white-skirt-poison-green-thong mix-ups, please.
  6. If you’re not used to wearing thongs, it might take some time to stop noticing the “weggie” feeling.

As soon as the underwear manufacturers have realized that thong only covers the “mons veneris” and turns the booty part of the panties into a stripe that disappears among the curves of the buttocks, they raced each other to the market offering millions of different stripe-like panties.

In addition to its erotic value, this type of lingerie was proven as rather convenient in the fashion world.

perfect female rear in panties and stockings

Before thongs, mini shorts were used to cover lady-parts under a thin layer of see-through garments.

Men have become truly professional in noticing if you’re wearing sexy lingerie, as you might have noticed. The ultimate goal is to make thongs appealing not only to those who wear them, but also to those who strip them down. Bear that in mind the next time you reach for granny-panties.

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