Neon Outfit Ideas: Wear Neon and Look Amazing

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fashion victim or not – you must have noticed how popular neon colors are. Fashioning this trend only seems hard – keep reading and see for yourself how easy it is to look amazing in neon!

What’s with all the neon? No idea, but we absolutely love it! The key to wearing neon colors and looking amazing is having a balance between the neons and the neutrals. If you choose a neon centerpiece, you should keep the rest of your outfit neutral and vice versa. Here are three neon-inspired outfit ideas.

Outfit Idea 1: Denim, Black and Neon Accessories

This outfit starts with a simple combination of denim chinos and a black chiffon blouse. Here comes the fun part – wear this outfit with these amazing neon sandals and a matching pair of earrings. The purple Kate Spade bag goes perfectly with this outfit.

neon sandals  and neon earrings outfit combination

  • Cropped Chambray Chinos (
  • Black Chiffon Peter Pan Collar Blouse (
  • High Heel Sandals (
  • Noir Highlight Neon Tube and Spike Dangling Earrings (
  • Kate Spade New York Gold Coast Meadow (

Outfit Idea 2: Clashing Neons

Yet again the base of the outfit is the simple combination of denim shorts and a black tank. It gets crazy when you start color blocking your neons! These statement shoes definitely call for some serious color blocking. Pair them with a neon pink clutch and accessorize with a neon yellow statement necklace.

neon pink clutch outfit combination

  • Rockstar Flag Pocket Shorts (
  • Lilli Tee (
  • Giuseppe Zanotti Neon Colorblock Platform Sandal (
  • Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Clutch in Neon Pink
  • Phospho Necklace (

Outfit Idea 3: A Neon Centerpiece

If you feel brave enough, choose a neon centerpiece. It could be this amazing neon orange dress. Pair it with a pair of simple black sandals, a cute choker necklace and a matching clutch.

neon orange dress outfit combination

  • Petite Neon Scuba Skater Dress (
  • Basic Black Sandals (
  • Lanvin Band Choker Brass (
  • Lulu Guinness Envelope Clutch Bag (

Do you like the neon trend? How do you wear your neons? Share your favorite outfits in the comments below!

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