How to Wear Neon in a Stylish Way

If you didn’t know, neon colors are a super trend of this summer. Well, no surprise, as summer is synonym of joyfulness, fun and brightness and I would say that these type of colors fit perfectly into the description.

They are of course colors that will really attract the attention on you and make you stand out from the crowd, so if you are a woman who prefers to blend in and not be noticed that much I suggest you go for pastel colors instead.

As they are such a statement they are also very difficult to wear without looking like a 12 years-old, so follow these tips and you will never go wrong!

Emma Roberts Rita Ora and Nikki Reed wearing neon clothes

1. Combine them with neutral colors for a more toned down look

Neon colors are, of course, really flashy and bright and therefore a good idea is to go for really toned down and neutral colors for the rest of the outfit, like white, black or brown.

This mix of colors will help each other as the neutral color will prevent you from going over the top and the neon item will spice up an otherwise boring outfit.

So, for instance, wear a neon dress with a black coat or a neon skirt with a beige top, like Victoria Beckham does, and you will get a really glamorous and not excessive look.


2. Start small

Neon colors could be really daunting, especially if you are not used to wearing bright colors in your outfits, so a good idea is to take it slow.

Start with just small neon earrings, a necklace or a series of bangles and then, as soon as you start getting more confident and comfortable in these colors, you can go for something bigger like a top or a pair of colored jeans.

A great option is to buy a neon satchel bag that will become the staple item of every look you wear. You will even be able to wear it for more formal occasions or for going to work to spice up your outfits!


3. Check that it looks good

Neon colors tend to enlarge your body and therefore you have to be super careful in choosing the right item.

Wear a total-neon outfit only if you have a lean body with no curves, otherwise it will just emphasize your flaws, but also if you don’t have a straight body you can still use some neon colors to help you balance out your proportions.

For instance, if you are top-heavy, go for a neon skirt or a pair of neon pants, whereas if you are bottom-heavy choose a neon top that will enlarge your bust and mid-section.

4. Mix up different neon colors for a really bold look

Are you feeling really bold? If you want to dare more no one forbids you to mix up 2 different neon colors in one outfit.

It is perfect if you want to make sure to stand out from the crowd. So go for a neon yellow (or orange) and a neon pink worn together for a colorful and cutting-edge look, but be careful to not exaggerate.

The risk of looking like a 12 years-old, like I mentioned before, is always there.


5. Be comfortable in it, don’t push it

Trying new things and styles is always very positive, but if it does not work for you just leave it. If you are pushing it and trying to make yours something that simply does not belong to you and your style it will show and your outfit will look awkward.

You will get the opposite effect of what you were trying to achieve! So make sure that you choose a color that you really love and that matches your skin tone and hair color.

For example, if you have a pale face stay away from a neon yellow that will just make you look sick, but go instead for pink or blue.

6. Go for just one item at the time for a simple look

If you are still unsure about this trend but you really want to give it a go, choose just one single item in a neon color, like a sweater for example, and wear it over a casual outfit.

A good pair of skinny jeans are also great for toning down the bright color and make the outfit look less eclectic.


7. Wear it for the right occasion

Not every occasion is good for wearing a neon color, but you need to learn when it is appropriate and when it’s not. For the seaside you shouldn’t even worry about it and you can also wear more than one color at the time. It is actually the perfect place to experiment with neon colors and see if you would feel comfortable in wearing them also in the city.

Avoid going for neon items if it is a black-tie event (even though I must say that it depends from event to event. Just read the dress-code and see if it is really strict or not) and absolutely no neon clothes to the office.

As previously said, the only neon item you can bring to the office is a satchel, but also accessories in neon colors will be good if they are small and your work environment is not too formal.

8. Go for a neon dress in a classic shape

In order not to go over the top and exaggerate with the neon, you can choose a neon dress in a really classic style, like a shift dress.

The bright color will for sure give new life to the simple lines of the dress and make it less boring and the effortless dress will make that color great for most occasions and look really classy.


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