8 Clothing Items Men Find Sexy

Let’s discover which are the clothes that men just go crazy for and will literally turn heads wherever you will go!

So, by now probably most of you have found a great style that suits you and have learned to edit the trends according to what you like and think that fits your body shape.

You most likely think that what you wear really enhances your assets and makes you look sexy, but what you might see as sexy and your girlfriends think is sexy too, might not be the same thing that appeals to a man.

We all know that men live in a totally different planet from us and think in a really different way, so it should come with not surprise discovering that men don’t like some of our favorite clothes whereas they literally go crazy for something we have never even thought about.

Of course every man is different and has different tastes, so there might be something that other men like and your bf can’t bare to see and something that he is the only one in the whole wide world who think is sexy, but generally speaking there are a few items and looks that most men love in a woman and think are super sexy.

Anyhow, the best thing if you have a boyfriend is to simply test him on what he likes you to wear and not. Of course with this I am not saying that you should change your personal style just to adjust to what he likes!

You are not his puppet to control and you have your definite personality, so it’s wrong to do everything just to please him.

What I am saying is rather to know what things he particularly likes about your style, so you will know how to surprise him on your next night out, maybe with a sexy dress that just makes him go crazy and could end up the evening in a high-level bed performance.

So, here are the items that will turn heads everywhere you go and capture the attention of every man!

1. Mini skirts


A timeless classic, invented in the 1960s by Mary Quant, that we all already knew that men loved. Men just go crazy for bare legs, especially if they are really long and lean, so the more you show the better for them.

They especially love tight mini skirts, that not only show the legs, but also the curves of your hips and but. Just be careful not to cross the line into vulgarity, as the risk is very high.

When wearing a mini skirt, follow the general rule of showing just one portion of skin and go for a really high neckline and make sure that your shoulders are covered.

2. Short rompers

Men love it when women look simple and effortless, like if they have not put that much thought into their look but still look great in it, and a romper will give you just that effect.

So here I give you the first big rule for dressing for a man: don’t wear clothes that probably cost more than his car.

Don’t make it look like you are high-maintenance as you will just look not very approachable and you will probably scare the poor guy. A short romper is super comfortable, simple and cute and it also does the big thing that men love, that is showing off your legs!

3. Exposed shoulders

One-shoulder dresses, off-the-shoulder tops, strapless frocks. Men love to see a bit of shoulder, which are a very sexy area in a woman, and also a bit of the back. It is a very simple way to look sexy without risking to going into vulgarity.

4. Skinny jeans


Skinny jeans are not only versatile and easy to wear, but they are also one of the clothing items that turn heads in the street. They show off the curves is a great way and also accentuates a woman’s assets without revealing too much and leaving a lot to the imagination.

They are also the staple item of the rocker look, a look that men find really sexy because it gives a strong, edgy and dominant appeal. They make her look really confident and independent which are other traits that men find really fascinating.

Some men, on the other side, really love a woman dressed in just a pair of skinny jeans and a simple casual t-shirt for a more natural and effortless look.

5. High heels

Here again no surprise, as we all know that men adore high heels and they are probably the most sexy items a woman can wear. They elongate the legs making them look thinner and never-ending and they of course make you look taller, which is never a bad thing.

It goes without saying that other types of shoes, such as UGGs for example, are definitely sex killers so it is a no-no if your aim is to capture the attention of a handsome man or make an impression on someone.

6. Workout clothes


What I discovered it is really appreciated by men and makes them literally go crazy are workout clothes, and especially yoga pants, that are super fitting and body-hugging!

Ever wondered why men love to watch girls in the gym? Here the mystery is solved, as men associate the workout clothes with being athletic, having a great body, being really energetic and having a lot of sex drive.

Basically while you are working out you are sweating sex out of every pore and men just cannot resist you.

7. Shorts and hotpants 

Shorts and hotpants again show a lot of legs, which for a man is an immediate call to sex. They especially love them worn with high heels as they will make your legs look super long and gorgeous!

8. Body-hugging dresses


Anything that is really fitted and shows off the curves of your body will be really appreciated by every man. What boys hate the most are those shapeless and baggy dresses, so go for something really body-hugging to impress him! Cutout dresses are also great for exposing some portions of skin and feel really sexy.

The most important thing out of all of these “rules” is that you always feel comfortable and really confident in what you are wearing, even if it might be the most simple outfit.

If you feel sexy and like you own the world this will really show and will turn everyone’s head wherever you are going, no matter what you are wearing!

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About the author

Stephanie Reed

Stephanie has written for many online and printed magazines and she is now working as the editor of So Vain, which she founded, but also as a fashion consultant and stylist.


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  • Thank you telling these ladies the truth! I didn’t even what short rompers were until now, but I looked them up and definitely think they’re sexy. I approve this message.

    -a guy who knows

  • I am really not sure about this.. As a heterosexual man many of these items leave me cold..
    High heels?…Yes because they shape legs nicely and they are feminine
    Shoulders?….Erm.. ???
    Mini skirts? …The one pictured is far too short, not nice..
    Body-hugging dresses?… Believe me less is more, too figure hugging looks vulgar. If you indicate that you have a nice body, its far more sexy that the dress shown. Don’t you want the guy to want to get you out of your dress? Why bother if a guy can see everything anyway? He’s not the guy you want for keeps but maybe for the night..
    Workout clothes?….Not on your Nelly…