3 Tips to Choosing Best Travel Shoes for Women

Travelling could be exhausting, especially if it lasts longer. The last thing you need are shoes that are killing your feet. This is why you need to choose right shoes and here’s how. Check out 3 tips how to choose best travel shoes for women.

1. Comfortable

The first and the most important thing when it comes to choosing best travel shoes is to make sure that the shoes are comfortable. They must not squeeze your feet and they must not give you blisters.

This means that you should under no circumstances travel in brand new shoes, no matter the type. Even new slippers could give you blisters until your feet get accustomed to them. If you need new shoes for your trip, buy them and wear them for at least one week before the trip itself. That way you’ll give your feet some time to get accustomed to them.

In any case, the best option is to travel in that pair of shoes you’ve been wearing for years. Every girl has at least one pair of those – you know, the shoes you’re emotionally attached to and would wear them every day. Those are the best travel shoes.

2. Natural Materials

Another very important thing about travelling shoes is to choose those that are made from natural materials. This could be crucial, especially if you’re going for a long trip.

The reason is that your feet will feel better in shoes made of natural materials. That results in your feet smelling a lot better. Of course, you can’t expect your feet to be as fresh as when you started the trip, but they will be so much fresher in shoes made with natural materials.

Choose leather or canvas shoes and more importantly choose good socks. The socks should be breathable if you don’t want to get stuck with completely wet feet. For warmer months, go with leather sandals that have wider straps that won’t cut into your skin.

3. Flats or Heels?

young woman hand with shoes on the railway

I would always go for flat shoes for travel. Simply, I think that wearing high heels on a long, or even on a short travel is not comfortable. it’s also not very safe.

Choose shoes that have anatomic soils, because your feet will be in a more natural position in them. If you really can’t give up wearing heels, where the lower ones. The best ones are the ones that feel like they’re not even there. Don’t choose stilettos for your travel. Seriously, your feet don’t need all that suffering, no matter how good you look in them. Carry them in a bag with you and put them on once you reach your destination if you can’t really survive without them.

The whole point of choosing shoes for your travel is to be able to walk once you reach your destination. It’s more about feeling comfortable than about looking good. After all who says that you don’t look good in flat comfortable shoes?

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