Top 5 Reasons to Wear Ballerina Shoes

Imagine this – it’s a wonderful, sunny day, you are feeling all giddy and excited to go out, and stroll down by the beach. All the sunshine made you think of dressing up, but long walks usually don’t do well with long dresses.

You need high heels or sandals for that, or that special pair of slippers, or…Or you could just grab a short skirt, and your favorite pair of ballerina shoes, and be ready for whatever pops into your head. Ballerina shoes never go out of style, and here are the five reasons why.

1. They Are Feminine

High heels may be extremely hot, but ballerina shoes make their own rules. They are that fine line between the girl next door look, and a form of carefree, summer night elegance. And boys dig that kind of elegance!

2. They Are Versatile

Ballerina shoes are incredibly versatile. They can look casual, flirty, corporate, elegant, or with the right outfit, create something beautiful. There are more and more models out there, set to satisfy even the pickiest of ladies, so go ahead, experiment and create a unique look.

3. They Come in Handy

If you plan on jogging, feel free to skip ballerina shoes, but if you need to spend an entire day at the office, and it happens to be too hot to wear shoes and too inappropriate to wear flip flops (unless, of course, you work at the beach, you lucky girl), than go ahead, make yourself happy. Besides, wearing ballerina shoes in your bag, while dancing in high heels, is one of the most useful life hacks.

4. They Are a Look on to Themselves

Woman in ballet flat shoes

A nice pair of pink ballerina shoes will make you look cute in no time, while a discrete blue pair will make you look smart and sexy. A pair of charming, colorful ones can brighten up an all white appearance, or spice up a casual outfit. Oh yes, and if you want to look slightly more serious, you can’t go wrong with good old black ballerina shoes.

5. They Make Your Feet Look Good

Ever heard of an expression – toe cleavage? It’s that lovely curve just beneath the toes that subtly hints them. Ballerina shoes outline your feet in a sensitive, sophisticated way. You should make sure that, when you buy a new pair, you choose the right shape for your feet, as some could make them look bulky. Also, bear in mind that some ballerina shoes can be really tight fitting, so you might want to buy a size bigger, just to make sure. So, girls, experiment, be comfortable and dance through summer in your amazing, new, ballerina shoes.

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  • I love ballerina shoes! I have 5 pairs of it. Best shoes decision for spring and summer :)