If I Were a Celebrity: Shoe Edition

Do you ever daydream about what you’d buy if money was no object? Do you swoon over the thought of celebrities’ closets? We do too! Prepare to drool over this compilation of awe-inspiring footwear.


Alexander Mcqueen Light Grey Studded Ankle Boot
They’re by Alexander McQueen. What more do you need to know? This light gray color is divine. The front view of this shoe is particularly interesting. It is strikingly reminiscent of a high top sneaker, although much more elegant and sophisticated.


Shark Tooth Shaft Knee Boots by Givenchy

These Shark Tooth Shaft Knee Boots by Givenchy look so soft we want to cuddle up with them on the couch. They could be worn with any number of outfits and they’re so flawless they could make even a sweatshirt look luxurious.


stuart weitzman riding boots

Riding boots. They immediately bring Kate Middleton to mind. Anything even remotely associated with royalty is a-okay in our book. Stuart Weitzman has won our hearts with his riding boot designs, but this one is a favorite.


giuseppe zanotti spikes

You might need to be superwoman to be able to walk in these, but that’s okay by us. With a celebrity budget we can just hire ourselves a difficult-to-walk-in-shoe instructor. Those exist, right?


Madame Butterfly low boots by Barbara Bui

These Madame Butterfly low boots by Barbara Bui have enough color and texture to keep you ogling for hours. We’d wear these to an A-list Oscar party that we’ll undoubtedly be invited to once we reach celebrity status.


Dior black leopard pumps

We’re smitten with these Dior black leopard pumps. They’re a nice change from the typical leopard print, and the shimmery silver accents are perfect for the holidays.


Jimmy Choo Taste Sandals

These tangerine suede open toe sandals by Jimmy Choo are laced with transparent wire. We’re hooked on this detail, reminiscent of fishing line. We’re anxious to see if other designers will follow suit with similar styles.


Brian Atwood over-the-knee boots

These Brian Atwood over-the-knee boots leave little to be desired. They have it all–luxurious suede, an exposed back zipper to give the appearance of added height, and an always-flattering almond toe.

NineBarbara Bui Flame Metallic Leather Pumps

Barbara Bui is becoming our obsession. These flame metallic leather pumps are equal parts terrifying and awesome. They look like they might just bite off an ankle, but we’re willing to take the risk.


Versace Black 160mm Leather Boots

These sky-high platforms are fascinating. We have no problem deciding what to wear them with; the problem is where would you wear them? All we can come up with is this: preferably somewhere without curbs, hills, or stray pebbles that could send you hurdling into next week.

What shoe’s would you get if you had an unlimited budget?

Cover photo: http://indianshoecollection.blogspot.com

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