Important Tips for Buying Running Shoes

Running is tough. It takes time, will, dedication, self belief and consistency. Oh, and shoes. Running shoes, that is. But, with so many different types of running shoes out there, it is almost impossible to choose the right ones.

Not knowing whether you have the right shoes is like starting a car race with an unreliable car. So, here are some important tips on how to not ruin your run.

It’s in the Details

Even the most expensive running shoes won’t do the job for you, because, in the end it does come down to your abilities and needs. So, ask yourself – what do I need? Think of the terrain – is it asphalt, grass, the treadmill? The race is won by fractions of a second. Everything counts.

How Do You Run?

Think of the way you run – how do you touch the ground? With your heel, your toes, your pinky? Take hints from the way you walk. If, for example, while running, you mostly use your forefront, buy the shoes that have the adequate shape. Try them on, feel the cushion. If you use the entire foot while running, choose something more balanced.

Trick or Test

shoes for running

Did you know that the running shoe stores have tests to determine your exact measures?

Don’t worry, the tests are quite simple. When you look at your foot you will see the arch that goes from heel to toes. This arch, if not properly cushioned, can actually cause injuries. A so called „wet test“, where they moisten your foot and put it against a piece of paper, will help them recognize what kind of shoe your arch needs.

Another test, called 360 Degrees, may seem obvious but is often overseen. It’s not enough just checking your toes for the right fit. Do the same check for the rest of your foot, and make sure that your bones fit on the platform.

The Later the Better

Waiting for the last moment to buy your shoes, isn’t such a bad idea. Actually, because of the fact that your feet swell during the day, it’s as close as it gets to your real fit.

Size Matters

The idea that our feet don’t change after a certain age is a myth. Feet do, in fact, go through a lot of minor changes during the years. Those changes, along with the inconsistent sizes of different shoe companies can really create trouble in the long run. Pun intended.

Take Your Time

Reckless choosing makes for restless using.  Don’t forget – you are buying the tool for the job. If you think walking with blisters and sores hurts, try running like that. Or rather – don’t. Just sit down, relax, and have fun choosing. Don’t think about fashion, or obsess over price, and forget about the time limit.

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