What Shoes to Wear with Shorts

Shorts have become popular in the recent years, and they have become more than just a piece of beachwear, or a comfy workout must-have. Girls enjoy wearing shorts especially in the summer.

Being able to show the beautiful legs is something that no girl can resist. However, it can be complicated to decide on what kind of shoes to wear with shorts.

In a nutshell, you can combine your hot pants and shorts, with virtually any type of shoes. You can play with colors, shapes and styles. Still, we decided to give you some very good ideas, on the shoe-shorts combinations, that can never go wrong.

1. Loafers and Moccasins

Loafers are a great choice to wear with shorts, especially if you are going for the classic vintage look. Combine them with either casual saggy denim shorts, or comfy cotton retro shorts, and style it all up with accessories in vibrant colors, and this will make a perfect urban summer look.

Loafers and Moccasins Outfit Combination

  • Shorts: Koret of California 70’s Vintage Shorts
  • Shoes: Flatform Loafer
  • Top: People Tree Nikola Silk Floral Blouse
  • Bag: Urban Expressions Preppy Bag Red
  • Accessories: ISHARYA Chain Waterfall Hoop Earrings

2. Beachwear and Beyond: The Sailor Look and Flat Sandals

Embellished flat sandals are the perfect footwear that you can wear with shorts. Be cautious when combining them with denim though. It would be better, if you went for some more subtle materials. If the embellishment of the shoes is metallic, you can wear them with shorts in literally any color. We recommend the sailor look for the lazy summer Sundays.

The Sailor Look and Flat Sandals Outfit Combination

  • Shorts: Luella mataloe scallop hem
  • Shoes: Adina Embellished Sandal
  • Top: Malene Birger Newa striped T-shirt
  • Bag: Tory Burch
  • Accessories: Mimco Circular Droid Scarf

3. Create a Casual Punk-ish Look with Chuck Taylor All- Stars

Remember those long hot summer days during the school break? Remember what you wore back then? Go back in time, and combine your converse sneakers, with torn denim shorts, and a saggy flag printed t-shirt. No make up, no accessories. Return to your natural self. Let your hair down, and look a little wild just like you did in high school.

Casual Punk-ish Look with Chuck Taylor All- Stars Outfit Combination

  • Shorts: Side Stud Shorts by the Ragged Priest
  • Shoes: Black High Tops Converse Sneakers
  • Top: US Flag White Tee
  • Watch: Studs Skull

4. High Heels and Hot Pants for a Night Out

This might sound a little tacky and cheap, but who on earth could think of a better summer party outfit? Yes, your girlfriends will tell you that you shouldn’t wear hot pants and high heels, and that it’s just too much. I say, if you have a rocking body, I don’t see why you not.

High Heels and Hot Pants Outfit Combination

  • Shorts: Joie Swanson Shorts
  • Shoes: Exagona 160 gold leather shoes
  • Top: Red Spot Frill Blouse
  • Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Woven Affair
  • Accessories: Andra Winter Earrings

5. Smart Casual: Ballet Flats and Dress Shorts

Ballet flats and shorts are the two easiest things to combine. Choose some semi-casual Bermuda shorts and a shirt, round shape ballet flats and a shoulder bag, and you will have a great outfit to wear during the day.

Ballet Flats and Dress Shorts Outfit Combination

  • Shorts: ELIE SAAB Tailored Shorts
  • Shoes: Aaden Ballet in Royal Tan
  • Top: L.K. Bennett Venice Lace Blouse
  • Bag: BOTTEGA VENETA Cervo Illusion Metallic Hobo
  • Accessories: Tom Ford “Nikita” Cat Eye Sunglasses

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  • Hey, I’m a size 18 and I got myself a pair of shorts (a size up) and I plan on wearing them with thin leggings. Can I still wear the above shoes mentioned if i wear my shorts with leggings? Won’t they look weird?