Winter Fashion: These Are Clothes You Should Keep This Season

Every year, there are new winter fashion trends that are maintaining some old ones and completely ridding us of others. Let’s reflect on what’s on its way out and what’s here to stay.

Some winter fashion trends have been held onto for years, but all good things must come to an end. The fashion world has more to offer and has moved past what once may have been beloved winter staples. Let’s start by saying our goodbyes.



The middle-school you is crying; she never thought she’d see the day that UGGs were no longer considered an acceptable form of winter foot wear. Yes—it’s time.

It’s time to let go of the precious, warm and fuzzy UGG boots that we all “oohed” and “ahhed” over our entire adolescence and throughout high school. You may have even snuck them out your freshman year of college when the temps reached the negatives.

Let’s face it: the world of footwear has stepped up its game, and there are plenty of pairs of winter shoes out there that are worthy of replacing your boots with the fur. If you don’t do it for anything else, do it for the sheep of Australia.

The puffy black coat


Keyword: puffy. Most commonly found in the color black, puffy coats are still sprinkling campuses with their knee-reaching lengths and unsightly ability to make even the curviest of girls look shapeless. It may sound harsh, but it’s true.

It’s also true that coats like these have been spotted on the runway and on clothing racks at major fashion retailers like Nordstrom. However, many fashion enthusiasts are coming together to realize that these overcoats should have never left the catwalk and are on their way out.

Any winter wear that possesses even a slight puffiness takes me back to the horror and discomfort of being bundled up from head-to-toe by my mother on snow days.

Save yourself from unpleasant childhood flashbacks, and pick an outermost layer that is shapely and fashionable, but doesn’t leave the insulation behind.

If you feel like channeling your inner Carrie Bradshaw, invest in a neutral-toned pea coat. Another college student staple that never fails to impress is the warm-and-fuzzy parka.

Infinity scarves


Infinity scarves are being given a run for their money with blanket scarves taking over the winter fashion scene. The blanket scarf offers a fashionable way to keep even warmer than an infinity scarf would allow, and achieves a more sophisticated look than a grandma-knitted neck wrap.

Break-ups are tough, but as they say: when one door closes, another one opens. Winter fashion gives a warm welcome to these renewed staples.

Faux fur


Oddly enough, fur of the faux variety is acceptable in forms other than boots this winter. Last season, I was part of the crowd that scrutinized the intimidating vest o’ fur that hung on the clothing racks of many retailers.

However, they’re back in full force and becoming a much more wearable staple of winter street style this year.

Although they’re most commonly and safely purchased as a neutral-toned piece for winter’s closet, many have ventured into brighter hues with this piece by rocking light pink and emerald green vests. They’re sure to take any outfit to the next level in the likes of style and temperature.



Pants, jackets, gloves and boots—you name it, its leather version is wearable this season. Nothing says effortlessly put-together quite like leather.

From faux leather jogger pants for a casual day of classes to a pair of skinny leather pants and a jacket for a night out, faux leather covers all the bases for your winter fashion needs.



They’re back—the ‘70s fashion trend that shows up in too many of the old Polaroids hidden in the depths of your parents’ closet. Most people never thought this day would come, but the truth is, turtlenecks never officially left the fashion scene.

They may have been hiding in the background for a few decades, but they’re seeing the light now like never before, thanks to men and women alike.

This iconic collar is showing up not only in traditional sweaters, but in in sleeveless dresses and tops as well. A once baggy and unflattering shrug has been transformed into an elegant top that everyone should add to their collection for this season and seasons to come.

After all, no fashion trend is 100 percent original. They’re all recycled through the years with different variations. So if you loved a trend that’s on its way out, have no fear. It will be back soon enough.

What are some other trends that are coming and going? YouQueen would love for you to share.

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