Your Perfect Swimsuit for This Summer

Feeling uncomfotable in your swimsuit is a thing of the past. Try out these styling tricks and choose the trendiest and best swimwear for your body!

The bikini test is near and most of you will be already starting to worry!

“I have eaten way too much this year and I cannot go to the beach” or “everyone will see my flabby stomach!” are very common comments for this time of the year. In fact, most women feel uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit, as they feel a bit too exposed and they cannot try to cover their flaws with the clothes anymore. This years this has to stop!

Feeling comfortable also in your swimsuit is not an impossible mission; it is just a matter of choosing the right one that suits your shape and flatters your body! Believe it or not, the tricks for dressing for your body shape can also apply to swimwear and this year more than ever the variety of trends in swimsuits are perfect to suit any type of body.

So here are the top trends for this summer for swimsuits that not only will make you look gorgeous and glamorous at the seaside, but they will also act as flaw-erasing tools that will make you feel comfortable in wearing them!

1. One-piece swimsuits

In the past few years one-piece suits were associated with swimmers and old ladies, but not anymore! They are now really glamorous for going to the seaside and they also fit perfectly in the general retro fashion that this summer has conquered all the swimwear section.

It is for sure great for the woman who feels a bit uncomfortable in a bikini, as it provides a little bit more coverage. The body-shape that can sport this type of swimsuit in the best way is the hourglass shape, as the structure of it lifts the bust up and enhances the slim waist!

One-piece swimsuits

2. Peplum shape

The peplum silhouette is not only super trendy for clothes, but also for swimwear!

It is the perfect alternative of the one-piece swimsuit for those who want to conceal a bit the tummy and make the hips look narrower. It will also make your waist look tiny, giving you a gorgeous and sensual hourglass shape that will seduce everyone at the beach.

Peplum shape swimsuits

3. Prints

Well, let me say that is is absolutely impossible to pass unnoticed wearing a bold print, especially if it is a really colorful and eye-catching one.

This year you can exaggerate and have fun with prints and patters and the types that are especially on trend right now are Aztec, sea-inspired and of course the ever-green animal print. Big and colorful prints add substance to a petite frame, making you look bigger and also giving you confidence when you are on the beach!

Prints Swimsuits

4. High waist

I believe everyone wants to have a bombshell pin-up look and guess what? Retro high waist bikinis will give you just that!

This summer you can either be as sexy as Marylin or as elegant as Kelly, but a high waist bikini most definitely has to be in your closet. Go for it especially if you have a pear or hourglass shape, as it will not cut through your chubbier flesh on the hips, but wrap them and slim them down nicely, giving more definition also to the waist.

Avoid it though if you have a skin that tends to get tanned quite quickly, unless you want to end up having zebra crossings on your body.

High waisted Swimsuits

5. Ruffles

Ruffles on the top, ruffles on the bottom, ruffles all over. As you might have guessed from the number of times I have used the word “ruffles” in one single phrase, they are literally  everywhere this summer on swimwear.

They are absolutely great to add bulk to any part of the body you want, in order to make it look larger and therefore more visually balanced. In order to be really effective, make sure that the ruffles are placed in a strategic way for you, so not to add volume where you are already quite large!

Plus, do not exaggerate if your concern is in looking thinner, as they will really add volume to your figure.

Ruffles Swimsuits

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