Kim Kardashian vs. Kate Middleton: The Do’s and Don’ts of Pregnancy Style

Whether you are expecting a little one of your own or are looking forward to the prospect of carrying one someday, there is much to learn from the maternity style successes and mistakes of these two style icons.

Baby bumps have become the latest must-have accessory. With two of the world’s most watched women expecting an heir to celebrity royalty and an heir to reigning royalty, the world has gone baby-bump crazy.

More fixating than the bumps or bump-bearers themselves are the outfits that have been chosen to cover them. Two very different women with very different styles, Kate has sailed through the last few months with the grace and elegance befitting a princess, while Kim has donned some questionable and eyebrow-raising selections.

Don’t wear anything you have to squeeze into

Kim Kardashian vs Kate Middleton Dresses

Embracing your baby bump means adapting your style to suit it rather than working your bump into your style. Form fitting dresses normally suit Kim Kardashian’s curves beautifully, but they are not doing her any favours these days. While they may work on a smaller-framed pregnant lady, they look extremely uncomfortable on her and simply do not flatter her body at all; period.

Being an already voluptuous woman, she would look and feel far more comfortable in flowing and slightly looser fitting numbers with softer fabrics, gently skimming her figure and concealing any extra baby weight. The key, however, is to avoid going overboard with items that are too loose-fitting.

Beyonce’s orange floor-length gown worn at the MTV awards in 2011 is a perfect example. The curvaceous singer chose a flattering vibrant colour and a streamlined design that made her look like a goddess. The one-shoulder detailing offered the perfect hint of skin, while the draped fabric effortlessly covered her baby bump in style.

Being smaller framed than Kim Kardashian, Kate would be able to get away with figure hugging dresses, but her style choices have been the perfect balance between form-flattering and bump-skimming. She has shown off her baby bump with pride but kept her outfits chic and sophisticated.

Don’t compromise on comfort

Kim Kardashian vs Kate Middleton Jacket Combinations

Pregnancy can be a very uncomfortable experience if you do not dress to facilitate relaxed comfort. This does not mean that you cannot look amazing, as Kim has demonstrated in her dressy-casual jacket and trouser ensembles. She has looked her most stylish and relaxed whenever she has stepped out in form-fitting but comfortable trousers and an on-trend jacket loosely worn over a flattering top.

The key here is to keep the look polished and well-put together. Slim leg trousers of any kind are ideal during pregnancy, as they show off the slenderness of your calves, balancing nicely with your growing bump. Leggings and tights are perfect. They are stretchy, figure hugging, and look lovely coupled with a comfy and cute long blouse.

The Duchess of Cambridge, on the other hand, has looked elegant and practical at all public appearances throughout her pregnancy by opting for dresses that fit her form but give her room to maneuver with ease. The fashion industry has been raving about her most recent combos of stylish jackets worn loosely over coordinating dresses.

Do keep it simple

Kim Kardashian vs Kate Middleton Outfit Combinations

While there is nothing wrong with dressing up your baby bump, adding too much detail can easily look over the top and risk looking gaudy. With maternity wear, it is always best to stick to clean and simple lines. If figure hugging numbers suit you, go for them.

Just make sure to steer clear of too many embellishments, ruffles, bows and other fancy details. If you find that draped and looser fitting fabrics suit you better, make sure that you do not layer on too much fabric and always aim for a stream-lined look. Remember, you want your pride and joy to be the centre of all the attention.

This is one thing that Kate has nailed. Her pregnancy outfits have all been chic, stylish and extremely flattering, but they have all had classic and simple lines. There have been few ruffles, no bold patterns and no embellishments. Instead, she has opted for simply designed dresses and tailored jackets. Her accessories have been minimal and she has chosen shades that flatter her skin tone, never creating too much of a distraction.

Unfortunately for Kim, having a bit too much fun with her maternity wear has led to more than one fashion blunder. There is nothing wrong with looking sexy and stylish while pregnant, but just remember that less is more. Trying too hard can have the opposite effect.

Extra layers of fabric and bright prints should be avoided and clothes that add excessive volume should also be steered clear of. Instead, stick to block colours. Simple prints can be worn, preferably on top coupled with neutral trousers.

Sheer fabrics should definitely be avoided, as should clothes that expose too much skin. If you want to show some skin, go for a hem line that is exactly half-way to your knee and no shorter. Alternatively, show off your new cleavage. Just remember not to expose a lot of leg and cleavage at the same time.

Have fun with your make-up and accessories. Women are always at their most radiant during pregnancy, so work this to your advantage. Match a simple block colour dress with jeweled chandelier earrings and red lips, or wear a bold cuff bracelet with slim leg trousers and a loose top.

Do steer clear of uncomfortable shoes

Kim Kardashian vs Kate Middleton Shoes Combinations

Comfortable shoes do not have to be unattractive. In fact, low heels are in fashion this season so give your feet the break they deserve and pull on a pair of shoes that will make you feel dressed up but comfortable.

Since her pregnancy, Kate has been sporting elegant low-heeled courts that are practical and stylish. She has been balancing the lowness of the heels by going for dresses with slightly shorter hems to elongate her legs.

Kim, on the other hand, has been wearing shoes that are too high and too tight for her at the moment. More than being uncomfortable, these shoes have led to some rather unsightly photos. Glamorous high heels should be avoided during the later stages of pregnancy, but this does not mean that you cannot look amazing.

Do follow Kate’s example by opting for lower heels or flats. Both will look great coupled with a shorter hem. Flats will also look fantastic with slim leggings or tights. Now that the summer months are nearly here, have fun with flat sandals. Colourful and embellished flat shoes and sandals will keep your feet happy and pretty throughout your pregnancy.

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