Make a Pisces Man Fall in Love with You

Falling in love isn’t really easy to do – but it’s a lot easier if you know his zodiac sign. Zodiac can say a lot about person’s tastes, likes and qualities but can also say where his heart is weak. If your crush is a Pisces you’re handling a delicate, poetic soul whose life is all about romance – but you must be careful. You have a slippery fish in your hand – it can swim away anytime.

Don’t Be Aggressive

A mind of a Pisces is a poem, and they don’t expect any less from their maiden. You’ve never read a poem about a maiden with an aggressive approach, did you? You need to be gentle and poetic, a fragile fantasy.

A Pisces won’t fall for Samantha, but more likely for Charlotte. A girl with her mother’s pearls in a dress that twirls. A girly girl. Still, a girl to swim away with, and always to be afraid that she might swim away alone.

Be a Poem

The life of a Pisces is all about romance and search for romance. If you want his poem to be dedicated to you, then act accordingly. Act like a subject of Neruda’s poetry. Don’t drink or curse, think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Don’t Be Too Available

Pisces like to swim in the restless seas, not a tiny and limited bath tub. Don’t call him all the time or answer the phone every time he calls you. Don’t be there all the time. Disappear.

Chastity is a Virtue

romantic spa with candles

Don’t let him have it all at once. Don’t sleep with him on the first date. Pisces like making love, not banging against the wall.

Make love with the candles lit. You’re dealing with a delicate soul here, and when you make a Pisces man fall in love with you he’ll be with you forever – they are very emotional.

Don’t be racy and slutty. Don’t wear a low cut shirt or a skirt that is too short. They won’t fall for a Victoria’s Secret model, but for a girl with soul. Your long legs won’t have too much use, except for walking of course.

Don’t go for the Kim Kardashian look, a Pisces guy is the kind of guy that will think her ass is too big. A Pisces will more likely fall for the Mermaid from Pirate’s of the Caribbean.

Love Him

couple in love

When you succeed in the mission called Make a Pisces man fall in love with you, you need to be gentle, loving and tender with him. He’s not the butch, macho kind of a guy – he’s a true romantic.

Be his girl and be there for him, love him like you never loved a guy before, this one actually deserves it. Don’t let him down or abandon him. If he does fall in love with you, he will always be in love with you – make sure you appreciate it. We hope you have a good swim in the sea of love – good luck fishing.

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