10 Karim Rashid Door Prints for Your Home

We rarely consider the functional and aesthetical importance of doors in our homes. Well, they are important – not only do they represent passages between different areas, but they can also be a part of the interior design.

The doors in your home should reflect your personality and fit in with the rest of the designed space. Here are some amazing door prints by one of the world’s most popular artists, and if you are a DIY type of girl, you can try and do something like this on your own!

This door can fit literally anywhere, but the best place for it would probably be the office, or the study.

This elegant and very interesting design will definitely add some charm to your workplace.


The gentle design of this door will be the perfect entrance to private rooms, such as bedrooms or personal bathrooms.


Check out the hypnotizing blue shades on this door! It will make every space come to life with its cool vibe.


Here’s a door that will make all additions to the space unnecessary. It is so playful, energetic and girly that you just have to have them in your home – maybe even as the entrance door!


If you want your interior to remain calm and simple, this beautiful door design will support that idea completely.


The interesting pattern on this door will break any tray of monotony present in your home.


Another girly design, perfect for you, if you want to have something to remind you of your childhood days.


This door can be used to easily mark the purpose of the space it opens to – its design is an obvious marker of service rooms – bathrooms, toilets and laundry rooms.


The fresh design of this door simply tells you that you are about to enter the kitchen or the dining room – also use this refreshing pattern to bring more energy to the rest of your home.


Another playful design to separate the private rooms from the common rooms – use it for your bedroom and enjoy some sweet dreams!

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