Dream Moods Interpretation: 11 Dreams And What They Mean

You had a weird dream? Maybe your subconscious is trying to tell you something. Check out 11 most common dream moods and their interpretations.

Dream moods and symbols have always fascinated humans, who tried to explain them with both superstition and science. However, the meaning of a dream is often very different from its content, and expresses something else we have hidden in our subconscious. We collected and explained 11 most common dream moods and symbols.

1. Being Trapped or Lost

dream moods interpreted

A lot of people dream quite often about being trapped or lost. You may dream about being locked in a cage or running around deep woods trying to find your way out. In any case, this dream could indicate that there is something in your life you are struggling with and trying to find a way to solve it.

It could also mean that you are in a situation where you need to make up your mind about something, and you’re really having troubles with that.

2. Failing a Test

Teacher showing a bad note

This I believe is one of the most common dreams among students. It usually comes along just a couple of days before the exam. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you’re actually going to fail; it only means that you are quite stressed about the exams.

On the other hand, it also happens to people that have long ago finished their schooling. In that case, it could either mean a trauma from school (my case – I still dream about my history teacher from high school) or that there is something in your life you’re feeling tested about.

3. Being Ill or Dying

dream moods interpretation

When I was a kid, my grandma told me not to worry when I dreamt that someone died, because it only meant that they would live longer. This is just a superstition of course, and dreaming about someone ill or dying could mean something totally different.

It could mean both that you want that person to go away from your life and that you are afraid of losing them. Don’t be surprised if these dreams come when someone you know is actually ill, it’s just your mind trying to deal with the pain.

4. Being Naked

dream moods interpretation

The superstition for this dream says that dreaming about being naked means that you’ll do something to embarrass yourself. Statistics say that it is quite common for people planning their wedding. In any case, this dream could mean that you are feeling vulnerable or that you are afraid you might have told someone too much about yourself.

5. Failed Connection

dream moods interpreted

It’s the dream when you are trying to reach someone over the phone and not managing to establish a connection. It could mean that you are having troubles to connect with someone in your real life, or that you are losing touch with reality. Try to find out what is it that your subconscious is trying to tell you, you might need to reevaluate your life.

6. Car Troubles or Car Accident

Woman Car Accident

I’ve recently bought a car and started driving and realized that I’m dreaming about it a lot. It mostly means that you are still insecure about your driving skills and that you are a bit afraid of driving. It’s quite normal and it will pass.

But, it could also mean that you are feeling like losing control over something in your life or that you are feeling like you are headed towards an emotional or physical crash.

7. Missing a Ride

dream moods interpretation

Dreaming about missing a bus, a plane or arriving late at a certain event could mean that you feel like you’ve missed an important opportunity in your life. This dream mostly comes when you need to make some important decisions that could affect your entire life.

8. Falling or Drowning

Woman Falling

This is such a common dream among people, that you must have heard that myth that you’ll die for real if you die in your dream. Aside from that being completely untrue, dreaming about drowning could occur completely unrelated to your life, except the fact that your nose might be clogged.

Your brain doesn’t really like to wake up, so it comes up with a dream where you have breathing problems – hence the drowning. Still, this dream could mean that you’re a bit insecure and have a lot of weight on your shoulders that you find hard to carry.

9. Missing Teeth

dream moods interepretation

This is another dream that can occur with no particular problems in your life, but simply because your tooth actually hurts and your brain projects that into a dream.

The superstition says that dreaming about losing your teeth means that you want to end your relationship with a certain person. Psychologists say that this dream means that you are afraid of how other people see you and whether they find you attractive.

10. Being Chased

dream moods interpretation

Being chased is probably the most common dream there is. The superstition tells us that it means that someone is gossiping about you; while the psychologists claim that this dream means that you want to run away from certain problems in your life. It could also mean that you are quite scared of something and that you want to get away from certain people.

11. Having Sex with a Stranger

Couple in the shower

Sex dreams are nothing uncommon, as well as having sex with a stranger in your dreams. It doesn’t really mean that you want to have sex with someone else unless you dream about a particular person you know you’re attracted to.

But, it could mean that you are not completely satisfied with your current relationship and that you may be in need of a change. That doesn’t mean that you should end your relationship, but rather try something new and fun and work on it.

Don’t pay too much attention to every dream you have, if you don’t want to go nuts. You sometimes dream about something for no particular reason. However, if there is something you keep dreaming about on and on, you might need to investigate what that dream means.

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  • I dreamed I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I was in a room. In front of the room was a stretcher. The light was turned off. You could see a movie projector on the wall above the stretcher. I was supposed to get on the stretcher and be operated on. But, there was a big dark colored dog laying on the stretcher. So, I could not lay on it. There was a room full of people seated left and right. A walk through in between. I turned away from the front. I noticed an elderly couple. Somehow I knew they have been together for years.

  • I,m always dreaming about finding an old coins and sometimes rusty coins. The color is bronze together with a foriegn money. In my dream I always cleaned the coins but at the end i always take the foriegn money (paper) and at the end before I wake up, the scene is, im always examining the coins. What does this dreams means as it always comes back that scene? Thank you.