5 Amazing Kitchen Accessories You Must Have

Kitchen has always been an inspiring place for interior designers and they have always tried to beat each other in providing best designs and accessories for this part of the house. Here are 5 amazing designer products you must not miss!

It doesn’t matter if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen or not – some designers offer us products so cool that you just need to have them! And if you aren’t the master of kitchen skills, these pieces will definitely make up for it!

1. JOIN Cutlery by DING3000 for Konstantin Slawinski

JOIN Cutlery by DING3000 for Konstantin Slawinski

This amazing cutlery set is not only a kitchen tool and a piece of art, but also offers a great introduction to the meal. There is a joining mechanism that is at the same time a puzzle you need to complete in order to be able to separate the elements and use them. The meal comes as a reward for tackling the challenge and definitely feels tastier!

2. Salt and Pepper Mill by Karim Rashid for Slice

Salt and Pepper Mill by Karim Rashid for Slice

A recognizable design by one of the world’s top designers can now be a part of your kitchen! This rounded mill is shaped so that it naturally fits human hands and its clean design makes it possible to match it with any kind of interior. You can emphasize the sculptural nature of the form by using the appropriate lighting and you can even make it the central element of your kitchen, especially if all other elements are cubic.

3. Magic Bunny Toothpick Holder by Giovannoni Stefano for Alessi

Magic Bunny Toothpick Holder

You always need to have your toothpicks around your dining table, but it can sometimes get really awkward when you have to use them. No more worries – the Magic Bunny is designed so that it wakes up the child in even the strictest of people. It shows the power of design to change how we look at things as it turns embarrassment into play.

4. Cake Cutter and Server by Maria Kirijervi for Magisso

magisso cake server

This sleek tool will make your efforts with cake cutting and serving go away! It comes in multiple colors and will fit in with various kinds of kitchen decoration. It will also be a beautiful addition to the table setting.

5. Pure Komachi Knives by KAI

komachi knife

Bring colors to your kitchen and smile on your face as you are doing your chores! Pure Komachi knives are one of the most charming kitchen accessories out there. With cute details and bright colors, they make your time in the kitchen fun and interesting.

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