3 Great Techniques for Getting in Shape While Pregnant

Maintaining your body fit during pregnancy is very important for your overall shape. Even though you will not be able to continue doing intense workouts or other sports that you have practiced before, a few safe and easy exercises will greatly prepare your body for labor and help you go through your pregnancy in a healthy way.

Read below to discover 3 great techniques for getting in shape while pregnant – they will help you stay fit and gain back your pre-pregnancy figure more easily after your baby is born!

Low-impact Exercises

It is not safe for you and your baby to follow any weight loss program during pregnancy, since food is rich in essential nutrients that are extremely important in this particular stage of your life.

However, getting in shape while pregnant by doing adequate exercises can be very useful, despite your growing belly. Exercises can be helpful to prepare your body for labor and help you regain figure after pregnancy.

You should always follow an exercise program approved by your gynecologist that is specifically based on your current physical condition. It is not recommended at all to continue practicing sports like horseback riding, skiing, or any other that involve physical contact, such as martial arts, kickboxing, rugby, football and similar.

Start doing activities that are beneficial for your body, such as low-impact or water aerobics, walking, Pilates, yoga swimming or dancing. If done slowly and properly, these activities will not hurt you or your baby.

The best is to work out 3 days a week, at a slow and very moderate rate. Always control your movements and pace, in order to prevent injuries and assure a healthy pregnancy. Make sure that you never overexert and avoid intense physical effort, fast and brusque movements, as well as heavy weights. In this stage of your life you are not training, but doing gentle exercises to get and maintain your body in shape and prepare it for labor.

Benefits of doing exercises while pregnant:

  • Getting in shape while pregnant will positively boost your energy levels and prevent you from constantly sleeping and lying down.
  • Exercises and stretching will help you become and stay flexible and allow you to go through labor and delivery more easily.
  • If you have aches or pains during your pregnancy period, exercises will greatly relieve them.
  • Getting in shape while pregnant will also benefit your circulation, reduce leg and feet swelling, and improve your posture.
  • One of the last, but not less important benefits of exercising are that it will help you get back into shape faster after your baby’s birth.


Pregnant woman swimming

Swimming is a wonderful exercise for getting in shape while pregnant and it is generally considered safe. It involves both arms and legs muscles and has many other health benefits for expectant women. It makes you feel almost “weightless”, keeps you cool during warm months and carries a very low risk of injury. However, always consult you gynecologist before starting swimming or doing any other form of physical activity.

It should be safe for you to swim for all trimesters of your pregnancy, right up until you give birth. Fresh water is not health hazardous for you and your baby, while hot tubs and sauna should absolutely be avoided.

Always do some delicate stretching before immersing yourself into the water and swim for 30 to 60 minutes each day if you like. Choose strokes that you can easily perform and alternate between back and front swimming by gently kicking your legs.

Avoid all strokes that cause pain and too much effort and find the right swimming intensity, by following what your body tells you.

Benefits of swimming while pregnant:

  • Swimming can improve circulation and reduce pregnancy swelling and fluid retention.
  • Swimming exercises will improve muscle tone and strength, alleviate fatigue and promote good sleep.
  • Because gravity is reduced while in water, swimming is an excellent way to take stress off your mid and lower back areas and reduce pressure on your joints.
  • Swimming can also enhance your heart and lung function and improve endurance.


Pregnant woman walking

One of the best and safest ways of getting in shape while pregnant is walking. It is a very beneficial activity that you can continue doing throughout your pregnancy, even if you haven’t been physically active before.

However, be prudent and always talk to your doctor before undertaking any form of exercise. Make sure to find a good pair of comfortable walking shoes that will ensure proper support to your body and reduce the stress on your ankles.

Don’t ever walk marathons or bring yourself to the point of extreme fatigue or breathlessness. Exhaustion will make your body use oxygen that your baby needs.

Walk at a moderate pace that allows you to talk without effort. Start slowly, by walking 20 to 30 minutes 3 times a week. Increase gradually to arrive to 30 to 60 minutes each day and always listen to your body regarding the intensity and duration of your walks.

Remember to maintain good posture while walking and always look forward. You will avoid back pains and prevent yourself from accidentally slipping over something.

Benefits of walking while pregnant:

  • Walking is a very beneficial and low-impact cardiovascular activity that is excellent for getting in shape while pregnant. It does not harm your body and it poses a very low risk of injury.
  • Walking is useful in maintaining your joints flexible and helping you spread your hips more easily during delivery.
  • Taking regular walks every day improves circulation and eases constipation as well, helping your stomach function better.
  • Walking is a very gentle exercise that can enhance your mood, improve your emotional state and relax your mind.

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