5 Reasons to Cancel Your Credit Cards

Ladies, we all love to have some money on us for unplanned shopping but when the credit card receipt comes we all get that funny feeling that we will end up living in a shoe box. Read this article and find out why you should think about canceling your credit cards.

There are some benefits of having credit and debit cards in your wallet but since I’ve been struggling to keep ends meet for the 4th year in a row, I started thinking differently. Sure, at the beginning I tought I had a strong character and that I would treat my cards the same way I treated my cash but I’ve proven myself wrong. Over time I started to flash my cards more often because I always had some money on them, then it hit me that I can’t really start planning my future because I am always covering some debts.

This is a serious subject and I would like to point out 5 reasons that would make you think about canceling your credit cards. It will make your life easier, trust me.

1. You Will not Make Impulse Purchases

How many times you bought something just because you could and not because you really needed it? This is because you always have your credit card with you and you don’t really think ahead. This is not just you, many people fall into this trap.

2. As Much as I Love Shopping I Hate Debt

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Debt is one of the reasons I sometimes can’t fall asleep trying to figure out how I will cover it. I even had 2 or 3 jobs just to do this. Yes, I know I have a problem and this is why I decided to solve it. No cards, no debts. You spend what you have and that’s it.

3. I Can Finally Plan my Budget

When I finally paid all of my debts and canceled all of my cards, to avoid temptation, I was able to sit down and plan my finances. Now I have all that I really need and I can still shop online, plan my vacations, and buy new furniture for my house and even a new car.

4. No Identity Theft

One more advantage of not having credit cards is a smaller chance of an identity theft. This is a burning issue over the last decade and it is not something to be taken lightly.

5. Last but Definitely not Least; You Will Have More Money

Trust me; once you are done with impulse shopping you will see how much money you actually have. I was amazed at the fact that I earn enough money to buy what I really need and to spare some. I know this sounds ridiculous but it is absolutely true.

Dear ladies, take control over the money you are earning. Be smart with your money and your life will be so much easier.

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