5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

You wish your day had at least 48 hous. No matter how good you are at planning you barely find the time to do your chores. This means that your life is too complicated. If you want to make your life easier you have to simplify it. Ever tried disconnecting? Here is a guide to simplifying your life.

You take too many chores upon yourself but, before you know it, things start to happen around you and you can’t follow through on them. This creates a fair amount of stress and you feel trapped between what you have to do and what you can do. What you SHOULD do is simplify your life and start enjoying it.

Simplifying your life is not complicated… get the joke? You just have to follow these few easy steps. The only effort you have to make is to stick with what you’ve decided. You are not going to be a bad parent or a bad friend or a bad colleague if you start optimizing your tasks. If, however, someone accuses you of showing fewer results, feel free to tell that person whatever comes to your mind since they are obviously not really your friend anyway. Remember that you have the right to manage your time as you see fit.

1. Prioritize

Ask yourself what is really important in your life. Is it your family, your health or your career? You should dedicate most of your time to your number one priority and then divide the rest of your time between other duties you might have in a descending order. Also, things that are on the top of your priority list should be the only things you pay attention to. Prioritizing will clear you schedule.

2. Analyze

You should really revise the decisions you make. Making wrong decisions is what got you into this mess anyway. Go back and analyze why you made them. You will probably find a pattern there that needs to be changed.

3. Filter Information

You want to stay informed about everything. This has probably caused an accumulation of junk information in your head. You need to filter the information you get and pay attention only to what is important for your personal and professional growth. This should be your choice so don’t let anybody else do the filtering for you.

4. De-clutter

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The same goes for your material posessions. I am sure you have a lot of clothes, items and junk in your house that just collect dust. Throw them away. These are just things! You do not need your prom dress to remind you of that first kiss, you can keep that memory in your heart. Stop wasting your time on cleaning things you don’t use.

The level of tidiness of your home is directly proportional to the level of tidiness of your mind. De-clatter your living space and your mind will follow.

5. Be Your Own Personal Assistant

You need to organize your time. One great way to do this is to set the time frame for every task you have to finish during the day. Stick to that schedule. After a while, this will come naturally to you and you will find yourself with some extra time for yourself.

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Helen is enjoying life in the Philippines, jogging early every morning on the beach with her beautiful black labrador, Lawrence, and then spending the rest of her day in a lovely local coffee shop working from her MacBook as a remote PA.

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