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You want to turn your living room into the oasis of positive energy and style. You want it to have your personal stamp and to appeal to general standards of fine architectural design. Here are some ideas on how you can make this happen.

Living room is a center of your house. You want to feel relaxed in it and you want your guests to feel welcome. But, your living room is kind of put together. You pay attention to details but you cannot achieve the balance between design and your personal touch. Here are some ideas on how to design your living room that you might find useful.

1. Define What You Want

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Your living room should say something about you. Think carefully about what you want it to say before you decide how to design it. Are you an outgoing, happy, playful person or more of a traditional type?

Now, look at your living room and make a list of things you would like to change; from wall colors to carpets and figurines.

You can pick from various styles: from traditional to modern, from eclectic to tropical.

Some living room ideas.

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2. Coloring

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The color of your living room will define the mood. Think carefully about what you want to achieve. Also, the color on your walls must go with the color of your furniture.

White, green and yellow will make the space look fresh and energized. Purple and beige will add to elegance. You can also combine and dress one wall with interesting wallpaper.

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3. Lighting

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Lighting plays a very important part in setting the mood. Living rooms are a place of gathering with friends and family but it also may be the place to start a romance so, you might want to create a sexy atmosphere.

Natural light beaming through some light curtains can create a worm and fun environment. Some purple drapes and lamps with ivory or pinkish shades will soften the light and add to romance.

One more thing: careful when choosing the chandelier.  If you want it to be a center piece of your living room go crazy, if not; pick something that will not steal the spotlight. If, for example, you have a funky rocking chair, pick a chandelier that is simpler. Even though you might like variety, you don’t want your living room to become a mixture of items that are just thrown in without any planning.

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4. Details

Once you pick the style you should pick details such as picture frames, pillows, paintings, decorative boxes, vases etc.  Remember that less is always more.

One great thing about those items is that they can completely turn a boring living room into a stylish and fun place. If you, for example, have a brown sofa, a wooden coffee table and beige walls, you can add an intensive green or orange rug and some other details to bring up the energy or you can style it with some copper and beige details.

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Do not be afraid to play with colors and lighting because those are the two main mood setters. Search online and see what is out there. Take your time to decide.

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