6 Feng Shui Colors for Business

You must have heard about Feng Shui. It’s been so annoyingly popular in the last couple of years, that you absolutely could not have missed it. No matter how annoyed you might be with the whole thing, Feng Shui could improve your business with a simple addition of right colors. Here are 6 Feng shui colors for business.

Each color has a meaning and sends a certain message. This post will present you the six colors of the rainbow, and their Feng Shui meaning. Use them to bring more success to your business.

1. Purple

Feng shui colors for business

The darkest color of the rainbow is the color of royalty in Feng Shui. Its principle is Yin, and it is the color that improves physical and mental healing. It is a calming color, and the color with ability to lower tension.

Purple is also a color of wealth and prosperity. It is mostly used by companies who target women or children. Men are not very fond of purple. It is the color that signifies power, and great intelligence.

You’ll see purple on CEOs, as well as on nurses, and kindergarten teachers. It’s a great color for spas and wellness centers, as well as for sweets business – remember the wrap for Cadbury chocolates? Purple should be a color of your choice, if you’re leading a stressful business as well, because it calms people down. Purple is also great for any type of antique business, because it is a nostalgic color.

2. Blue

Another calming and relaxing color, blue is the color of the sea and the sky, and therefore signifies adventure and free spirit. Blue is the most universal color in business. It invokes trust, loyalty, reliability and responsibility, and it is worn by many people. However, it is also considered to be predictable and conservative.

Be careful when using blue in business. Too much of it may create boredom, and will not be appealing to younger audience. Blue is usually the color of choice for banks, insurance companies, health care companies and any other businesses where trust and reliability are important issues. If you don’t want your business to be perceived like a boring and conservative one, choose brighter shades of blue, rather than navy and indigo.

3. Green

Buddha with candle and bamboo

Green is the color of nature, freshness, balance and harmony. Whatever business you may be running, it is advisable to include some green.

Darker shades of green are related to money, prestige and wealth, while lighter shades represent freshness, growth, kindness and sympathy. Avoid really bright, striking green, because they are perceived as juvenile.

Green is a perfect choice for basically any business, but it is absolutely a must for any type of environmental, organic, health and food business. Green stimulates appetite, so it is a great idea to have it, if you’re running a restaurant, or a catering business.

Positive aspects of the green color (i.e. when the color green or the heart chakra is balanced) include: generosity, sympathy, compassion, personal development, adaptability, practicality, friendliness, and love for people and animals.

4. Yellow

The brightest color of the rainbow might not be the best choice for business. Although, according to Feng Shui, yellow is connected to communication, health and friendliness, some studies have shown that longer exposure to yellow might lead to anxiety.

Yellow stimulates the logical side of the brain, and mind clarity. It improves analytical thinking, and better judgment. Men are not very appealing toward it, but children absolutely love it.

Any type of business, dealing with kids should have yellow – children’s toys, kindergartens, children’s cosmetic products etc. Cosmetic products for women also choose yellow, because it is a very striking color and people immediately see it. It is a good idea when you need to make your products stand out from the crowd. For all other businesses, it is best to use yellow only in highlights, not as dominant color.

Are you inspired by everything that’s yellow? Does it make you feel bright and cheerful just like the sun when it comes out?

If yes, then you should definitely read this post to learn more about the power of yellow and discover some of its most important therapeutic benefits.

5. Orange

peaceful scene with the yin yang sign on it

Orange is Feng Shui color of organization. Its principle is Yang, and it boosts concentration, as well as creativity. It is warm and vibrant color – energy combined with fun, and it is mostly associated to people who are open minded, optimistic and adventurous.

Orange is mostly seen in restaurants, travel agencies and cafes. It is suitable for any type of business dealing with kids, because they usually love orange – the brighter the better. However, it is not the best color for business world, because too much of it, might suggest cheapness, but also insecurity and arrogance.

Be careful when using orange. It’s best not to make it a dominant color, but rather to have some orange details.

6. Red

The last color of the rainbow is, in Feng Shui, the color of good fortune, confidence, luck and money. However, it is also the color of rage and anger, so it might not be the best idea to use too much of it.

Red is a good color for any type of business related to love and sex. It is also the color of masculine strength, so it’s suitable for men’s clothing lines, for example. Red is used by restaurants and shopping malls – everything that’s on sale has a red label.

It is very good for tiredness, fatigue and lethargy, as it is the color that increases energy by making your body release more adrenalin. Red can be used in any kind of activity rooms, but it is not recommended for rest areas.

Red shows energy and positive thinking, but it is also associated with blood, war and violence. Too much red causes anxiety and anger, so it is best to use it moderately.

You see, we don’t need to wear black and be strictly professional. Adding some colors might be a very good idea for your business – try it out!

Which are your favorite Feng shui colors for business?

Remember, Feng shui is not about just placement of certain objects, it is about finding the right place, color, lighting for each room, in order to achieve balance and harmony. Here are some of basic Feng Shui Items for home and where to place them.

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