8 Christmas Decorating Ideas: Color Themes for a Perfect Holiday

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived, so it’s time to get in the mood! With these Christmas decorating ideas, bring the light, the sparkle, and joy into your home!

First of all, fit the tree and the theme to your home design, whether it’s traditional, modern, eclectic or shabby chic, and adjust the size of it and the ornaments. When choosing the decorating color, match it to the tone that already exists in your interior. It will make your home look festive and fabulous, but still cozy and harmonized.

The decorating style and the sensation you achieve will definitely send a message to your loved ones. Most importantly, the effort that you put in will spread the warmth. The colors and the atmosphere you choose are the reflections of your personality and sensibility. What are your favorite Christmas decorating ideas?

Classic Christmas

Classic Christmas decoration idea

Red, gold, white and green decorations bring out the real Christmas feeling. This combination of colors creates a classic and traditional Christmas look. There’s motivating red, generous green, with festive gold and a touch of clean white, which lifts the Christmas spirit. Mix in jingle bells with red bows, cinnamon sticks,and winterberries, for the perfect impression.

This theme is especially cherished and practiced if there are kids involved in the decorating, because this is exactly how Christmas looks in their eyes! Sweet illustrations of reindeer and Santa slides, Christmas songs and cookies all fit perfectly in this picture. Get in your Christmas pajamas and enjoy the Santa cabin look!

Winter wonderland

White Cristmas decoration idea

White and silver decoration theme is so elegant and clean, yet so warm and cozy! White fluffy blankets and frosted snowflakes call for soft slippers and romantic music. With some Christmas cookies and warm cinnamon milk it’s a haven of peace and harmony. White theme is for sensitive souls that don’t like to draw attention to themselves and cherish their privacy.

If white and frosty atmosphere dominate in your Christmas decoration, it shows your positivity and constant need of balance and simplicity. White encourages growth and creativity, gives you a sense of order and efficiency. The Christmas tree will look even icier with glossy and clear ornaments that can be dusted with faux snow. This year get snug inside winter wonderland!

Christmas in blue shades

Blue Christmas decoration idea

If you cherish your friendships more than anything, you should trim your tree in blue shades! It is a color of friendship, peace and tranquility. It symbolizes loyalty and faith. We relate the color blue to sky and heaven, and that’s why it is the most liked color of all. It shows honesty, reliability and trust. Blue indicates a friend in need. Shades of blue create a comforting, relaxed and unique atmosphere.

The ambiance will be naturally appealing to your loved ones. It will make them feel appreciated, welcomed and somewhat nostalgic.

May your Christmases be blue!

Dreaming of a pink Christmas!

Pink Christmas decoration ideas

Pink represents compassion, tenderness and love. It relates to understanding and sympathy, and stands for the giving and receiving of unconditional love. Pink is nurturing and romantic, caring and kind. It is a color of hope, and a feeling that everything will be okay. Pink may be too feminine and girly, but it will create the most pleasant atmosphere and evoke the happiest feelings.

Enhance the effect with fluffy materials, knitwear, and soft cotton. Mix it with white and light grays. You can’t overdo with comforting feelings and loving energy at Christmas time, so be generous while implementing pink!

Gold and silver!

Gold and Silver Christmas decoration ideas

Silver and gold color scheme is refined and utterly elegant. It shows traditional values and sophistication. Gold reflects generosity, wealth, compassion and giving. We relate it to luxury, champagne, and celebration. It makes a perfect balance with gracious and classy silver.

This combination is especially efficient with white lights and metallic ornaments, and as an ideal festive theme; it glows and illuminates the space. It is never too much when it comes to silver and gold. Let it shine!

Purple Christmas!

Purple Christmas decoration ideas

Purple is an excellent way to express your individuality and creativity.It is a deep and an intense color that is either loved or hated. It symbolizes spirituality, magic, and mystery. It is a color of royalty and luxury.

As a combination of warm red and a cold blue, it is believed that purple is the ideal color. It is also believed that if you surround yourself with purple you will have a piece of mind. It also represents the future, imagination, and dreams. Your open-mindedness and originality will transpire trough your decorating choice.

By choosing this color theme, you will make a strong impression and take the Christmas mood to an unexpected level. Surprise and inspire with purple!

Aqua blue dream

Aqua Blue Christmas decoration ideas

Turquoise is a peaceful and friendly color that symbolizes enjoying life. It acts as a recharger of our positive feelings in stressful times and minimizes tiredness and loneliness. It encourages communication and the opening of your heart. Turquoise is also related to calm and tranquility, empathy and caring.

It is a perfect color theme for beach style Christmas celebrations, and mixed with white, creates a dreamy and heavenly look. It is refreshing as a clear blue sea, yet tender and inviting, a great background for a relaxing Christmas gathering. So just lie back and enjoy the tropical Christmas mood!

Merry orange Christmas!

Orange Christmas decoration ideas

Orange is a vibrant, stimulating and uplifting color; it shines out the energy! This color brings spontaneity and enthusiasm into our lives, pushing us forwards and helping us keep positive in hard times. If an orange Christmas decoration is your favorite pick, you are warm, optimistic, extroverted and a very friendly person! You are the heart of every party!

There is something comforting in orange shades at winter times; it gives us a sense of warmth and well-being. The smell of fresh oranges, cinnamon and candlelight, set up a genuine winter sensation!

It is a perfect color for dining table decoration as it stimulates appetite and lifts the conversation.
Whatever the style you choose, follow your intuition and the purpose behind it. Feel and listen to what your heart has to say, because:

It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air. ~ W.T. Ellis

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