8 Life-Improving Benefits of Doing Yoga

Thinking about trying yoga classes? Here are 8 life-improving benefits of yoga that will make you want to start today!

Yoga traces back it roots thousands of years ago in India, but it still remains to be a popular form of exercise and stress release. The term, however, means to yoke or bring the mind and body together to attain a permanent state of balance and peace.

There are many schools of yoga, some focusing on breathing and meditation while others on vigorous exercise.

If you’re considering trying out yoga for relaxation or weight loss purposes, then you may just want to do so. But yoga also has some life-improving benefits that will make your everyday life better, healthier and easier.

Here are 10 great reasons to give yoga a try:

#1: Healthy body, healthy heart


Yoga involves stretching your body – but you’re not just stretching your muscles when you do. You’re also strengthening your ligaments, joints and organs.

Since yoga is a cardiovascular exercise, it also keeps your heart healthy, too.

#2: Yoga can lower the risk of injury

Specific poses target different muscles in the body, keeping them limb and warm. Constant stretching and warming of those muscles increase flexibility and lower your risk of injury.

In fact, some athletes actually practice yoga as accompaniment to their training.

#3: You’ll have stronger muscles and more stamina

More vigorous practices like Ashtanga and Vinyasa promote stamina and strength. Seasoned students and practitioners develop toned muscles over time, which is actually similar to what you get when you constantly work out with weights.

#4: Yoga improves balance 


Constant practice strengthens your core, improving overall balance and stability. You may find yourself struggling to hold different poses in the beginning, but as you move along, you will eventually find it easy to stay in one position for longer periods of time.

With better flexibility and balance, you will find yourself executing exercises with grace.

#5: It’s good for the mind

Practicing yoga is not only good for the body – it is also good for the mind.

Practicing for one hour helps increase blood circulation and releases happy hormones throughout the body, making you relax and less stressed. Being relaxed allows you to think better and clearer, even when you are harassed by work and other events in life.

Likewise, studies show that people who practice yoga have higher levels of GABA, the amino acid that promotes calmness and relaxation. People with high levels of GABA are less prone to depression and anxiety.

#6: It keeps you in touch with yourself

Yoga allows you to find out more about yourself. With constant practice, you get to spend quiet time with yourself so you can introspect. Regular movement and meditation allows you to find out more about your limitations and capabilities, whether it be physically, emotionally and mentally.

By reducing stress and tension, your body and mind shuts off from “survival mode” and goes into “calm mode,” making more room for intuition and introspective thinking.

#7: Yoga gives you better sleep at night

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Studies show that yoga can actually help people sleep better and sounder than those who did not. Three weekly sessions is good enough to help you hit the hay faster at night.

#8: Yoga promotes a healthy lifestyle


Yoga doesn’t involve just a fitness routine – it’s a way of life that promotes keeping your mind and body healthy and balanced.

Yoga affects the neurological system in a way that it rewires your brain to choose a healthier and better lifestyle. Most people who do yoga find themselves choosing healthier options, avoiding unhealthy habits and making better food choices as well.

Still not sure you should give yoga a try? Well, let us remind you that the best thing about yoga is that there is no age limit. Yoga is generally low impact, children and older people can do it, regardless of age or fitness level.

True enough, there are classes for toddlers and children, for pregnant women and even older people. If you are generally fit, you can try out more vigorous forms of yoga. If you have been sedentary for a while, nursing an injury, you can try out slower versions or those that focus on breathing and meditation instead.

The benefits of yoga do not stop with just these – the list is practically endless. You can find good friends from yoga class, or start losing weight with weeks of practice, which you can find out and experience once you start practicing.

So, if you’re ready to begin, there’s no reason for you not to start. There are many fitness institutions and studios that offer yoga classes, and if you cannot find any near you, you can learn through online classes, too.

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