How to Detox Your Mind Like a Ninja

In order to achieve a healthy body, you must also have a healthy mind. With that, there are definitely days where you just need to shut off everything and take a break to cleanse your mind.

These breaks are essential for you so you can avoid feeling burned out. Cleansing the mind removes negative energies and emotions, such as hate, worry, stress and fear – emotions that are not at all healthy and welcome for your emotional well-being.

Keeping your mind polluted may leave you with clouded thoughts and unwanted emotions that may try to swallow you whole.

Why is detoxifying the mind important?

We all need to cleanse our body from toxins, which we get from everyday life. Like toxins and pollutants, there are also toxins for the mind which cause negative feelings. We cannot avoid situations or people that make us feel negative emotions. We will definitely face daily hassles, stress, criticisms and conflicts which can lead us to feel frazzled and angry. The real issue at hand is how you go about with these things. Do you take them in and leave them be, thinking that they will eventually go away on their own? Do you push your worries at the back of your mind, hoping that you will eventually forget them?

Doing so can actually cause a buildup of issues, which you definitely need to address. If you do not, they will keep on coming back, wreaking havoc on your everyday life. Unresolved issues and pent up negative emotions can lead to a gnawing feeling, which takes a toll on your work, your productivity and your relationship with others.

Of course, the detoxification of the mind also provides several bodily benefits. Several studies have shown that stress reduction and calming the mind with the use of relaxation techniques significantly lower migraines, inflammatory bowel movements, celiac disease and even rheumatoid arthritis. Mind detoxification also improves the quality of life you experience, decreased anxiety when faced with stressful situations, better focus on activities, better sleep, lower blood pressure, and even weight loss.

How do you detoxify the mind?

There are several, easy ways to help you detoxify the mind. You can choose from meditation and relaxation techniques, or other stress-relieving methods.

You don’t need to do it for a long time. If you could set aside ten to fifteen minutes from the time you wake up, or the last ten to fifteen minutes before you go to bed, it is already enough for you to quiet and calm your mind.

Quiet and stabilize your mind through these tips

  • Stop the negativity. Quit thinking about negative things, and the things you have done wrong since all they do are increase your stress levels. You should think about the good parts of your day instead. Have you made other people happy? If not, try to go out of your way and put a smile on someone’s face today. What have you achieved today, or this week? Think about these things instead.
  • Talk to someone you trust about the problems that you are facing. Each of us needs a support system we can easily go to whenever we have problems. Keeping negative thoughts and encounters to ourselves may lead to depression, for there can be no one to refute these beliefs or construe the encounters. Sometimes, we think about situations the wrong way – with the help of another, we can consider the other part of the exchange.  If there is no one you can talk to, try joining forums and discussion boards. You can talk about your issues while hide under the cloak of anonymity. You may find it easier to share your deepest and darkest secrets to total strangers!
  • Be patient. In a fast-paced world, we tend to hurry about and get frustrated when we don’t get our turn immediately or there’s someone blocking the way to a destination. Be tolerant, and put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
  • Stop gossiping. Even if it’s a truly juicy piece of gossip, refrain yourself from speaking out.  Gossiping does not add any value to you or your life. It will only spread negativity.
  • Meditate. Spend some quiet time every day and focus on one thing – or focus on nothing at all, just your breathing. Just try to quiet down all your thoughts and allow your body to relax. If you are religious, you can pray. Praying – especially if the prayer is repetitive – can put you in a meditative state, too.

Take good care of your body

  • Eat healthily. Eat the type of food that your body needs – nutritious, healthy, full of vitamins. Avoid eating junk food, processed food, or eating in fast food chains.
  • Drink a lot of water. Water helps flush out the toxins we’ve consumed, and it brings better blood circulation to the body, as well as better skin. Replace sugary drinks with water. Better hydration also helps you think clearly.
  • Exercise. You have to move that body. Staying stationary all day will not help your body; rather, it will even lead your body to deteriorate from lack of use. Do any type of exercise that you like – you can go walking, hiking, swimming, running, or even dancing. Exercises that help discipline of the mind, such as pilates and yoga, are very helpful in keeping the mind and the body well in sync. Exercising also releases good chemicals, helping you feel alert, alive and happy.

Have some fun in life

  • Pamper yourself. Life’s no fun if it’s all work – you got to have a little time for you to enjoy. You should, most importantly, also learn how to enjoy even while alone. Visit a spa and get a massage, or head over to the salon to get a blowout and a mani-pedi. Or just close the window shades, lie down, meditate and relax.
  • Do activities that are stimulating and fun. Each of us has his or her own idea of fun. You can go and look around and soak in the sights, do a bit of people-watching, attend a dance class, listen to your favorite song, or do interesting hobbies such as baking, cooking, gardening, carpentering, and writing. Create a scrapbook of your favorite memories. Be active. Enjoy life. The less you do fun things, the more your mind will be cluttered by negativity, moroseness and depressiveness.
  • Eliminate stress from your life. Don’t think about the worse things that could happen – instead, think of the best possible outcomes from your decision. Stop whining about what has happened in the past, or situations beyond your control – just accept them. Don’t compare your life with another person’s; your life may not look as happy or as contenting as the other person’s is on the surface, but you don’t know the stresses and worries that the other person is going through. Don’t keep company with miserable people – it rubs off you. Let go of grudges, grievances and wrongdoings that others have done to you. Life’s too short to have grudges.

The best way to detox your mind is through meditation and relaxation techniques – and by following these tips to keep you physically and emotionally healthy.

Have you tried them already?

What else do you do when you when you want to clear your mind?

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