How to Cure Hangover

Drinking is fun, as long as you keep it in small amounts. Having too much alcohol leads to a number of different problems, and the most common one is - the hangover. No one likes it and everyone is looking for the most effective way to cure it. Want to know how? Keep reading.

Hung-over is how you feel after a really great party. No matter how much fun you had last night, the morning is not that jolly at all. Your head hurts, you feel nauseated and exhausted and you need to find a quick way to be yourself again. Here are 6 tips on how to cure a hangover.

1. Avoid It

It is the easiest way there is. If you don’t want a hangover in the morning, don’t get wasted in the first place.

A couple of drinks will do you no harm. Still, as soon as you start feeling tipsy, it’s a sign to stop drinking. Don’t drink a lot during a short period of time, that’s a perfect recipe for getting totally wasted. Alcohol needs some time to pass through your system and you won’t feel the effects immediately. Drink slowly.

Remember that there is nothing lady like about being drunk. You should enjoy your drink, don’t have it with a purpose to get trashed. French people have a saying: “He who drinks wine like water is not worth of the wine”. Keep it in mind.

2. Drink Water

hangover water drink

Hangover is basically the result of severe dehydration. Alcohol binds to the water molecules in your body thus leaving you highly dehydrated. Another way to prevent hangover is to make up for the lost water.

As soon as you get home from the great party where you had too much to drink – get your hands on a lot of water. Drink as much as you can. Drink until you get sick of it. You need twice the amount of the alcohol you drank in order to restore your body’s normal hydration.

3. Fresh Fruits and Veggies

If you’ve already woken up with a hangover, the first aid lies in vitamin C. So eat fresh fruit and veggies.

You’ll probably feel a little nauseated in the morning and won’t really be in the mood to eat anything. Make yourself fresh lemonade; take one fresh cucumber and a piece of toast. The vitamin C from lemon and cucumber will make you feel better and the dry toast will soak up the extra acid in your stomach that makes you feel nauseated.

4. Aspirin

Lots of people swear that aspirin is the best cure for hangover there is. I can’t really tell you if that’s true – but you can try.

Take two aspirins as soon as you wake up and have something to eat. Don’t take the medicine on an empty stomach. Drink a big glass of water with it and leave the house to get some fresh air. That kind of combination might just work.

5. Pickles

Woman Eating Pickles

They are the usual craving for pregnant women and the most common home remedy for curing hangover – pickles. Always have a jar of pickles in your fridge.

Now, I’ve never actually learned what it is about pickles that cure the hangover. It could be the sour taste that wakes you up or it could be something else. In any case – pickles do work like a charm when it comes to curing the hangover.

6. No Coffee

A lot of people will first reach for a cup of coffee after a wild night out. When you look at it, it seems like a very logical choice. However, it is totally wrong.

The only thing you will achieve with drinking coffee is to have an even worse hangover. The alcohol that gave you hangover has already sucked the water out of your body. Add coffee as another thing that dehydrates you and you get a perfect combination for a very bad hangover.

Now you have it – the remedies to cure hangover. I still have to advise you not to get the hangover in the first place, but if you already did – now you know how to cure it.

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