How to Feel Great In Your Body

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what you see? Do you dream for the day that you can see yourself and actually feel good about it?

If you’re like most women, you spend a majority of your day feeling bad about the way you look. You wish for thinner thighs, a smaller bottom or fewer chins. You see every mole, mark and scar that you have like it’s under a microscope – magnified and disgusting.

What if you’re ready to change all that? How do you let go of the negative way you’ve thought of your body for years, if not decades, and become the Queen we know you are?

Remember There is No Such Thing as the Perfect Body

Portrait in the mirror

Everyone has this image in their head of what they believe the ‘perfect’ body looks like. And, unfortunately, it’s usually worlds different than what their actual body is.

Although media would like you to believe that the ideal body is a size two (or smaller), contains few curves and absolutely no blemishes, that reality exists for very few women, if any. And, while you may be discouraged by this very fact, it is actually a good thing.


Think about what you’re attracted to in a man. If you’re single then think about a man you know that you’re physically attracted to. If you’re involved in a relationship, think about your man’s body.

Okay, now ask yourself if his body is perfect. Chances are good that it isn’t. Yes, a man who is in tip-top shape may be attractive, but that doesn’t mean that the only man who gets your attention has six pack abs, huge thigh muscles and a chest that is strong enough to move mountains.

Everyone’s definition of what is attractive is different. Some women like men who are tall, while others prefer men who are short. Some like men who are thin, while others like men who carry a little extra weight.

Well, the same holds true for men. Some may appreciate women who have ideal bodies, but the truth is, they have the same different criteria for what they find attractive as what we do. So remember that just because you’re not ‘perfect’ doesn’t mean that you aren’t attractive.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

One of the biggest self-esteem killers there is, is when you compare yourself to others. Maybe you have a friend that has a nicer chest or better butt than you feel you have. Or perhaps there’s a client you see all the time who has curves to die for.

If you keep focused on where you think your body falls short, of course you’re not going to like it. How could you when all you stay focused on are the things that you feel are subpar?

Here’s the thing, we all come in different shapes and sizes. Some of us are big boned and some of us have delicate features. Some of us have apple shapes, some are pears and some are straight as a board. Does that mean that any of us are bad? Absolutely not!

It’s like going to see a Picasso painting and beating yourself up because you can’t paint like he did. You weren’t meant to. Everyone has their own skills and yours isn’t painting. Does that make you a bad person? Not at all.

It’s the same when it comes to body shape. You can appreciate other women’s features all you want, but the key is being able to appreciate their features without tearing yours down at the same time.

So your friend has killer abs. Good for her! And your coworker has a nice looking behind? That’s great! Feel free to admire them, just make sure you leave yourself out of the thought completely so you judge yourself on your own merit.

Concentrate on Body Parts You Like

Beautiful woman looking at her clothes in a wardrobe at home

Surely there has to be something about your body that you like. Maybe you have a chest that most women just dream of or legs that are long and shapely. Whatever physical assets you’re proud of, focus solely on those.

Sometimes we spend so much time trying to cover up what we perceive to be our flaws that we don’t concentrate on playing up our assets. They get forgotten because we’re taking all our time looking at the areas of our body that we want to either chop off or transform.

However, if you spend more of your energy decorating the areas of your body that you’re proud of, you won’t be able to help but feel good. And, if you do things to draw attention to the body parts that you love, you’ll be less concerned about the ones you don’t.

So, if you’re proud of ‘your girls’, wear a blouse or top that accentuates them. Or, if it’s your upper arms that you feel confident about, choose tops that are sleeveless and show the elegant curve of your bicep you’ve worked so hard to trim and tone.

By dressing and accessorizing in a manner that draws attention to your positive assets, you will be downplaying the areas that you’re not as happy with. That being said, though…

Embrace Your Imperfections

So, you don’t have the long, thin legs you wish you had or the tummy you can bounce coins off. So what? Is it the end of the world? Admittedly, it may feel like it at times, but it’s not likely that the earth will fail to spin just because you’re feeling down on yourself.

What is more endearing, someone that spends all their time talking about how much they hate their body or someone that accepts who they are and embraces their imperfections? Just in case you’re stuck on this one, it is the latter.

Besides, the bigger deal you make out of the fact that you aren’t happy with your body, the more others will likely begin to agree with you. Think about it. Have you ever had a friend tell you that they hate their hips, something you probably never paid attention to, then after that every time you looked at her that was all you saw? And, you started to agree with her?

The same is true for you. If you continue to draw attention to a body part that you’re dissatisfied with, you will draw other people’s attention to it as well and they may start to share your negative attitude. Why do that to yourself?

Embrace the areas of your body that are different than you want them to be and love them just the same. So what that your legs are thicker than you want them to be? They get you around don’t they? And, who cares that your chest is small? It doesn’t hurt when you jog, right?

Look for the positives in your body. Even if there’s something you’re unhappy with, chances are that someone somewhere wishes they had a (insert body part here) that was just like yours.

Feeling good about your body isn’t something that you’re entitled too once you’re a certain size or shape. It’s a feeling you should have right here and right now because you are a Queen.

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  • I like your articles, you focus on how to improve on what you have and how to feel comfortable instead of many of the other articles about changing yourself because its what society believes is correct.