5 Cool Ways to Repurpose Glass Jars

Do you have empty glass jars just piling up, or standing around? There are multiple uses for old glass jars. Check out these 5 exciting ways to repurpose them easily.

Transform and repurpose your glass jars overnight, adding a sensation to your home! Glass jars are amazing; they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but once they are empty they have little use. This, however, is far from reality, as glass jars have a wide range of uses.

I, like many of you, do not like to waste things, so I started my glass jar collection—as my hubby calls it—years ago. These include pasta sauce jars, pickle jars, jam, salsa, oils and spread jars.

For many years, I would stock pile these in boxes, hidden in the corner of the garage, not truly knowing what to do with them—until a couple of weeks ago. I was having lunch with a friend at this small eatery on the corner, and there in their window was the most tremendous collection of glass jars. They were not just empty glass jars filling the window. No, they were used to compliment the decoration of the eateries outer façade.

I was truly impressed. Thus, on returning home, I collected all the boxes filled with my glass jars from the garage and looked at them from a different perspective.

I firstly had to remove the smell in some, which was ghastly, and obviously the labels as well.

To remove bad odors from your bottles, wash them a couple of times and allow them to air dry. If still a bit smelly, leave them overnight with bleach water, then wash and air dry, or simply use them as a flower pot.

Removing labels is usually easy depending on the original content of the bottle as some seem to be stuck on with lead or something. Soak the bottle in boiled soap water or use a strong glue remover/grub cleaner, then scrub a little and the entire label with glue should come off easily.

Have a look at the uses I came up with, except for the most obvious uses, such as storage for sweeties, bolts, nuts and other small objects, potted plants and pencil holders.

1. Glass Jar Walls


Are you aware that you can actually build with glass jars? Yes, it is possible.

Have you just been dying to enclose your porch or maybe build a half wall in the lounge or any other place you would like to add not just any wall, but an attraction, such as the BBQ area.

You will need more than just a couple of the same glass jars for this project, and it is not suggested that you essentially build an entire house using glass walls. Used for a touch of sparkle, one wall or an outside half wall, it can work quite well.

Fill all the bottles with river sand or another fine sand. You can also color the sand for some extra appeal. Now use these bottle as you would be bricks. Use cement, clay or whatever bonding material you prefer and lay the bottles in layers as bricks.

Now you have a great looking wall made of glass!

2. Glass Jar Lights

Glass Jar Lights

This option holds so many different options, you will be dazed. You can make your own chandeliers, candle holders, lanterns, oil lamps or even light covers.

For lanterns I suggest you use jars that are more square, with flat sides. You can cover the outside of the jar with a range of different colored papers, beads and more—decorate as you please.

Colored paper works best, as you can use a stencil and draw shapes or wording on the paper, then cut it out before sticking it on the jar. Place a candle inside; once lit, you will have a great lantern for use anywhere!

Use small bottles and tie them to a hanger or round steel plate. Make the cords different sizes, place a small candle inside and hang them outside by the BBQ area or on your porch for a brilliant chandelier.

3. Glass Jar Snow Globe

Glass Jar Snow Globe

There are so many uses for these during the holidays, including Halloween and Christmas.

For this, you will need to have a nice glass jar that seals properly otherwise it will leak. You will need some glitter, a figurine, some distilled water, liquid glycerin and glue. You need a glue that sticks anything and will last.

Stick the figurine to the inside of the lid. Fill the glass jar with water and a couple of drops glycerin, then add the glitter. Carefully lower your figurine into the water, and screw the lid on tight. Turn around and shake!

4. Glass Jar Photo Frame

Glass Jar Photo Frame

Are you in need of frames for the kids’ pictures? No sweat; use some glass jars!

Use a clean glass jar to measure the height. Now, trim your chosen picture to the same height. Turn the picture upside down and drop it into the glass jar. Use colored cotton to fill the glass jar and keep picture in its place. Now turn the glass jar around and place it on mantelpiece.

5. Glass Jar Party Drink

Glass Jar Party Drink

Surprise your guests at your next BBQ or party with these amazing drinks in glass jars.

Serve your cocktails in small to medium glass jars. Fill the jar with your desired drink and fruits. Replace the inner of the lid with a piece of round plastic, cut a small circle in the center of the lid for a straw, place the straw inside and screw on the new lid.

And there you have it: A new, sexy cocktail you can serve your guests!

There are so many other uses. Please share your thoughts and ideas, not only on these crafts, but also add your newfound uses for glass jars.

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