7 Qualities All Confident Women Have

There is a difference between women who are confident and women who are cocky. The difference is in the personality.

Confidence is something that all women strive for. Whether fake or achieved, it is something that is not always easy to maintain. Faking confidence is good for women who are beginning the process of becoming more confident in themselves.

Fake confidence, not to be confused with cockiness, is something that a woman should never be called out on. Women who are in this stage are working on the fake-it-until-you-make-it strategy. There is nothing wrong with this.

Nonetheless, all confident women share a handful of qualities that enable them to have the level of confidence that they do. Here are those qualities.

1. They have a quiet confidence

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This is where the line between cockiness and confidence gets thin. One of the main differences between confidence and cockiness is when a woman does not feel the need to rub in people’s faces how confident she is.

Those who try too hard to make it known how great they are don’t truly believe it. People who try to rub their success in other people’s faces are people who feel the need to push others down in order to pull themselves up.

Quiet confidence is when a woman sets goals for herself and shuts up about them. She does not tell everyone about them so that they know how amazing she is.

When she reaches her goals, she claps for her self. She does not need anyone to tell her how great she is. She already knows it because she knows her worth.

She knows what she’s capable of, and she is proud of that. She doesn’t need anyone else to validate her.

2. They know how to say no

Confident women are not people pleasers. They could not care less if people don’t like what they’re doing. They know that they’re doing what is right for them.

The confident woman knows that if she does not like something, then she is not going to act like she does. She knows when to say no, and how to mean it.

This woman is not afraid to say no because she knows her words have meaning and are therefore deserving of respect. If she does not want to do something, she is not afraid to decline it politely.

This is true in almost every situation, even when her friends are doing something that she does not want to do.

3. They listen

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They don’t think of themselves as too good to listen to what other people have to say. Although women are confident with their own ideals and standards, they are more than open to listen to what ideas other people may have. They know that other people have good ideas as well.

Confident women may not like what they hear all of the time, but they will accept that other people have opinions that are different from their own.

They know that listening is sometimes more valuable than talking.

4. They accept their flaws

We all have flaws. There is not one person in the world who is an exception to that. Women who are confident know that they are not going to be perfect, and they are more than okay with that.

Instead of hating their flaws, they celebrate them. They know where their strengths lie, where they can improve and they know that not everything revolves around how they look. They don’t care about looking perfect because they know that no such thing exists.

Confident women have no time to worry about their flaws. They’re too busy accomplishing their goals to worry about something so superficial.

5. They don’t apologize for their feelings

Confident women know that there is nothing wrong with letting themselves feel what they’re feeling. They don’t focus on what they ‘should’ be feeling or how they ‘should’ be acting. They know that they can feel and act however they want to because they’re human.

It is common for women to apologize often for crying or getting angry. Women should not have to feel like they have to apologize for feeling whatever it is that they are feeling.

We are allowed to feel jealous without having to apologize for it. We are allowed to express ourselves without blaming others.

Along with not apologizing, confident women are not afraid of opening themselves up to love. These women know that not everyone will treat them badly, mostly because they would not let that happen.

Many confident women have had their heart broken without being afraid to brush themselves off and getting themselves back in the game.

6. They aren’t afraid to ask for help

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There’s no need to swallow pride with this one because confident women know that they aren’t always going to know what to do in every situation.

These women will not be afraid of how they look if they ask someone for help. They know that it does not say anything bad about them that they require assistance.

7. They support others

Confident women will always be there to support the people they love. There is no question about it. They love to cheer people on, and see people succeed in life.

They are not too self-absorbed to focus on other people’s accomplishments.

They are generally happy for people when they do well in life. They will also be the first to support a person in need. They will be there to help build people back up when needed.

Confident women know who they are and what they want to do in life. They are not afraid of not succeeding because they know that they can’t sit around and wait for something to happen.

They have to go out and make these goals happen. These qualities are the things that make a woman confident.

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