Things All Women Should Immediately Stop Worrying About

Women put so much emphasis on so many things, often forgetting about their own well-being. Here are some things that women need to stop caring about in order to live a happier life.

As women, we are exposed to a vast amount of stress in our lives. This is especially true with the media is pushing what they think we should look like down our throats.

Among other things, we need to stop putting such an emphasis on how women are ‘supposed’ to look and put that importance on bettering ourselves.

We make it harder to love ourselves because we are the first people to tear our ‘flaws’ apart. We are so focused on what we should be doing that what we are doing doesn’t have a chance to be good enough for us. Here are some things we need to stop caring about.

1. Impressing men

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There are so many other things we could be doing with our lives instead of trying to do everything we can to get the attention of a guy.

There used to be such pressure on women to go out and find a husband, get married and have kids. Well, times are not like that anymore!

We need to stop worrying about whether or not guys find us attractive or give us the attention we so desperately crave. We put all of our self-worth in guys’ opinions of us instead of relying on our opinions of ourselves.

We need to realize that the only thing that should matter is how we love ourselves, not how other people love us.

2. Being perfect

Perfection is a term that shouldn’t exist. There is no such thing as the perfect body, perfect hair or the perfect person. It does not exist, and we need to stop pretending that it does.

Your makeup is allowed to smudge, you’re allowed to have split-ends and you’re allowed to have a body that differs from the photoshopped ones we see all around us.

You shouldn’t care about how many calories you’re eating. If you want to eat a piece of pizza, it’s not going to kill you. Want a cupcake? Have it.

It’s delicious. It exists for a reason. Having things in moderation will make your life happy, not your hips fat.

Even the models in advertisements don’t have the bodies that they seem to have. We have become so accustomed to thinking that we need to look like those girls in order to be considered beautiful.

We need to get out of this mindset. We need to start loving ourselves for our flaws instead of loving ourselves in spite of them.

3. What others think about you

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If you like who you are, then nothing else should matter. People are going to think whatever they want about you; no matter you say will change their mind.

Not everyone is going to like you or approve of the things that you choose to do. You need to stop living your life the way you think others want you to live it.

Do things that make you happy, not everyone else. If you want to sleep around, then no one should judge you for it. If it makes you happy, that’s the only reason you need.

Dress how you want, do what you want to do and be who you want to be. No one should make you feel like less of a person because of it. Other people’s opinions shouldn’t matter.

4. People who don’t deserve to be in your life

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We all have people in our lives who don’t deserve to be there. Instead of kicking these people out, we like to keep them around because we think it’s better that they’re in our lives.

We need to realize that these people should not be in our lives. If someone in your life is only bringing you sadness and stress, then that person needs to leave.

Stop making excuses for people who treat you badly. They aren’t doing it because they love you or care about you. If a person truly cares for you, they will not treat you like you’re worthless.

If you are going to keep people like this in your life, then be prepared to continue getting hurt and being unhappy.

There are people who are meant to be in our lives for a certain amount of time. These people can teach us lessons about ourselves and what we want in our lives.

A person can come into your life with good intentions, but leave you feeling worse than you thought you would if you had never met the person.

We have enough going on in our lives. We don’t need to keep adding unnecessary stressors, and focusing on things that don’t add anything of value. We don’t need to be anything that we don’t wish to be.

Women need to start doing things for themselves that make them feel good—not for other people, but for ourselves.

We deserve great things to happen to us. We can’t spend our entire lives having people around us who don’t deserve to be there or worrying about how we look to others.

The only thing that should matter is how much we love ourselves, not focusing on whether or not we even love ourselves in the first place.

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