9 Things You Can Do To Put Yourself in a Great Mood

We can all feel a bit down in the dumps from time to time, fortunately there are plenty of things we can do to lift our spirits. Here are 9 great mood enhancers.

There can be nothing more annoying when you are feeling a bit down than for someone to come along and tell you to cheer up, usually it just makes us feel worse. That’s why we have compiled the following useful tips that you can put into practice yourself.

#1 Go for a walk in nature

Young woman walking on green asphalt road in forest

Never dismiss the power of a walk in nature, especially on a beautiful day.

There is something about being in nature which can make you feel connected, revitalized, and ‘at one’; in fact often a good walk to clear your head is all you need to make you feel brighter again. Not only that, but it’s good for you!

Take a leaf out of Henry David Thoreau’s famous book ‘Walden’, a book he wrote when spending a year out in the wild ‘off grid’ and in which he writes that; “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

#2 Get in contact with an old friend who you have not spoken to for ages

We all have someone who we have not been in contact with for some time, it might be due to other commitments such as work or family commitments taking up our time, or for no particular reason we have just drifted apart. If that person matters to you then pick up the phone and give them a call, or even better arrange a date to see them.

There is nothing like getting in touch with friends for a good old chat and catch up to put us in a brighter mood. Friends can help put things in perspective and make us realize what a valuable friend we are too.

#3 Do something you love doing

young woman sitting on a field and playing guitar

This is a simple and effective way to put you in a great mood. Love painting? Then get out your brushes! Love singing…great…sing your heart out in the shower.

Whatever it is you love to do, take the opportunity to do it…you will feel better straight away.

#4 Practice gratitude

Be grateful for all you already have; if you look around you, you will probably realize it is quite a lot, whatever your situation.

Do you have a roof over your head and food to eat? Do you have people who love you? Are you great at something that you were once a beginner at?  Whatever it is, just think about all the things you currently have to be grateful about.

And remember; everything you have now, at some point you didn’t have and wanted. How wonderful is that!

#5 Perform a random act of kindness

If you want to feel great then there are few things better than giving, whether it is giving of your time or something else, when you give things from your heart both you and the receiver of your kindness receives a wonderful gift.

Random acts of kindness are even more powerful, as you know you have made a complete stranger’s day better, and once more, there is a chance of this act being played forward, so your one act has caused momentum and will spread a little bit of kindness and love around the world.

Now if that doesn’t make you feel all warm on the inside…then I don’t know what will!

#6 Remove toxins from your diet

Woman in kitchen garden picking tomatoes

Eat clean!

We are all aware on some level of what healthy eating is, but for a myriad of reasons we don’t always follow a healthy diet. You don’t have to be some kind of fitness queen to eat clean, it’s actually pretty simple and involves avoiding processed foods and things that don’t agree with you, eating seasonally and getting plenty of fruit and veg in your diet; preferably organic if you can get it.

If you have a garden, why not try growing some of your own food, you can even do it from an apartment. There is plenty of information on the internet about urban gardening where you can literally grow food in a flower box.

You never know, it might even turn into a passion, another thing you can do to make yourself feel better.

#7 Read or watch something inspirational/motivational

There is nothing that can lift your spirits quite like a good book or a great motivational film. Fortunately at YouQueen we have plenty of articles on motivational films, books, and even motivational speakers which you can choose from.

So put your feet up and prepare your brain to be supercharged with motivational and uplifting thoughts!

#8 Exercise

fitness training in forest

Yep! That old humbug.

You don’t have to bore yourself to death in a gym either. Exercise is free!  Not only that but there plenty of ways to incorporate exercise in your daily life.

If you like group activities why not try out a few new groups to see what sport or activity you might like to take up. You never know, you might even find you have a natural aptitude for something you never thought possible before because you never tried it.  You could be the next new yoga queen!

Whatever you decide to do, exercise is great for lifting your mood as it releases endorphins which create a natural high; what better way to improve your mood and get fit and healthy at the same time.

#9 Spend quality time with someone (or something) you love

It doesn’t have to be someone you love romantically; it can be family or friends.

But whoever you choose, spending quality time with those you love and have a positive impact on you is very important to your overall well-being.

The ‘being’ you love doesn’t have to be human either, I get great pleasure out of spending quality time with my dog by going for a walk in the park or just playing in the garden.

If you have a pet you love, don’t dismiss the power of a good cuddle. Pet therapy is an extremely powerful and effective way to feel happier. As Ben Williams said “there is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.”

The thing to remember about feeling low is that it is only us who have the power to change the way we look at things and the way we feel, nobody else can do it for us. It is up to us to make the effort and make the most out of our precious time on this earth.

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Eleanor Goold

As well as being an avid reader, Eleanor is also a big time animal lover; especially of dogs. If you have a tail, four legs and you bark…. you’re in! In her spare time she enjoys swimming, and vegetable gardening… but not at the same time (it can get a bit messy).

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