How to Survive Stressful Situations

You have to approach certain situations in a way that makes them lose their power, essentially de-magnetizing them. Do this and you will save yourself from all of the angst and hardship that you would normally endure – that you have endured up until this point.

Have you ever had a situation that makes you so anxious and tense that you’re not sure how you’re going to get through it in one piece? Maybe it’s the people involved that give you stress (like family that you can’t avoid or co-workers that give you grief).

Or, perhaps it’s just the fear of the unknown or trying something new (such as public speaking for the first time). Either way, it can wreak havoc on your world if you don’t get your thoughts and emotions under control.

It’s understandable that certain situations would cause you worry or concern. Maybe you’re waiting for results from a health test or perhaps you’re about to encounter a person that always gets under your skin.  There’s always going to be something (or someone) in your path that can make you apprehensive and anxious, so the key is to learn how to control it before it controls you.

Stress is like a magnet. Let it into your world and it will attract even more stress. You are continuously thinking about what lies ahead of you and before you know it, it gets so big that you’re consumed by it and you have a hard time handling even the small things in life.

So how do you do survive stressful situations?

Remember that situations are only temporary

When you have a large, stressful event in your future it’s easy to let it overtake your life. It’s all you think about and talk about and dream about. It becomes this “thing” similar to a huge, ugly monster in the closet. It takes up the entire room, making you believe that the world revolves around it.

However, sometimes you need to remind yourself that all situations are temporary. Nothing stays the same forever and that applies to stressful events too. They will come and they will go. You just have to learn how to endure the ride.

Think of this when you start to feel like whatever lies ahead is the end of the road. Remember that life goes on past that event and decide that, regardless of what happens, things will work out. They always do.

Distract yourself

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The more energy you put into a situation that has you concerned, the more it is going to become your focal point. You’ll be able to think of nothing else and cause yourself a lot of unnecessary worry and stress.

So, one of the best things you can do is distract yourself with something else. Preferably, you’ll want it to be something that you enjoy. Something that brings a smile to your face and lightens your heart and your mood.

For example, maybe you’ll want to get together with some friends and share some laughs over things you’ve done in the past. Or, you could get lost in a hobby that takes all of your concentration so you can’t think about anything else. The more you can give your mind a break, the better off you’ll be.

Don’t make things bigger than they really are

Sometimes our mind has a way of making situations bigger than they actually are. It can take relatively minor events and make them huge by way of thinking about them non-stop. They consume so much of our brain space that there’s no room for anything else – making it seem like they’re monumental occasions when they’re likely something we won’t even remember five years from now.

It’s very important to keep things in perspective and not give them more power than they deserve. Events and situations are just that, moments in time. The only thing that differentiates them from each other is the value that you place on them.

That being said, there are some events in life that are pretty big and impact us well into the future, if not forever. Weddings, funerals, births and things like that are amongst them. But, even though they are major events, you will make them through them regardless. Give yourself that much credit.

Look for the positives

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One of the most beneficial ways to reduce stress in a anxiety filled situation is to make it a positive instead of a negative. Find whatever you can that will work for you instead of working against you and you’ll feel better almost instantly.

Is a new job moving you far from home and you’re scared of what to expect? Look at it as an opportunity to experience new things and meet new people, not as something that is removing all your comforts. Are you dreading a family gathering because some family members are always drama? Focus instead on the family that you’re looking forward to seeing (you know, the ones that aren’t drama) and let the other ones go.

Use your difficulties as a chance to build your strength

Just because a situation is difficult and may test every ounce of strength you have, doesn’t mean that you have to let it destroy you. Instead, just the opposite is true. You can use it to build you up and make you tougher than ever.

Look at it as a chance to show how your determination and drive. Use it to hone your problem-solving skills or let it foster your ability to deal with people so that you become a better and more efficient communicator. Make it a situation that you use to your advantage instead of letting it put you at a disadvantage and tear you down.

After all, it isn’t the easy times that define us. It is the times when all our chips are down and we feel like we’re one millisecond away from perishing that create our character. That’s when our true selves are allowed to transform and show our traits of strength and wisdom. Look forward to these times instead of dreading them because they’re molding who you are and creating greatness inside of you.

It’s time to face whatever situations are in your path with determination that you will not only survive, but thrive. You will make it through it because you are a Queen, and the Queen always wins.

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