The Smallest Interior Design Change That Makes The Biggest Difference

When it comes to wallpaper decorating, choosing amongst all those bold patterns and astonishing designs can be quite discouraging. But once you make that change, you will never look at your place the same way again.

During the 20th century the popularity of wallpaper kept changing. It reached its highest point in the pattern rich period of the sixties and seventies. Its popularity eventually diminished when the trend of minimalism and white walls took over at the end of the century.

Wallcoverings returned at the beginning of the 21st century featuring bold floral and damask patterns, flock and foil paper as fresh decorative elements. In the years that followed, wallcoverings were reinvented. The possibilities and the range of the materials, patterns and combinations on the market are now endless.

70s Wallpaper design

They are made to stand out, not to blend in!

Today, it’s all about making a statement. It’s about personality. It’s about expressing yourself. And there is no easier way to accomplish that than with wallpaper. Wallpaper is an innovative and creative decorating tool. It is the most elegant, easiest and inexpensive way to change your home’s appearance.

Whether you are on a tight budget or want to add extra luxury to your high-end interior, you will easily find something that fits perfectly in your home. With contemporary technology, the range of choice is growing continuously and keeps surprising. It is mostly used as an accent wall or a focal point of the room, but there are also many beautiful and subtle essentials that follow statement pieces and serve as a neutral background.

If you plan to hang a lot of frames, artwork or other decorative objects, the natural backdrop is perfect for it. If you prefer monochromatic schemes and you are not a fan of patterns, but still want the touch of creativity, choose relief, cloth or textured patterns. They come in a splendid range from organic to metallic textures, creating an elegant ambiance with an offset,  and providing an endless source of wall design ideas.

wallpaper types inside home

Photo murals and 3D photo murals are a fresh and slightly edgy decorative element, and a great way to add more personality to the space. You can choose your favorite photo and make the mural out of it, or you can pick amongst all the varieties on the market, anyhow, the effect will be outstanding.

3d home wallpapers

Wallpaper types

Wallcoverings contribute much more to your space besides esthetics and your personal taste. They maximize the potential of your home, hide the downsides of it and highlight its qualities. When used as a focal point, wallcoverings will steer the attention from other, fewer attractive details.

Depending on the type and the material, wallpaper is applicable in every room.

Vinyl wallpaper is the most suitable one for bathrooms and kitchens. It is tough, durable, plastic – coated paper, which makes it washable and resistant to steam and water. Wallpaper can also be placed as the background of the glass backsplash for a contemporary kitchen look.

Flock Wallpaper has velvet like texture that is printed on the back of the paper, which creates a three-dimensional effect. Flock is delicate and not washable wallpaper, and as such is the most suitable for the dining room or bedroom area.

Foil or metallic wallpaper is a paper with metallic sheen, giving an impression of real metal. A design is printed on the top of the metallic surface. It is a great solution to brighten up a dark space or to create a feeling of spaciousness. This wallpaper will make wall imperfections come to the fore, so it is not ideal paper for damaged walls.

Embossed wallpaper features raised, textured effects that are achieved by printing designs on the back of the paper. This type of wallpaper hides most wall imperfections, which is what makes it a great solution for rooms with slightly damaged walls.

Nonwoven wallpaper is made out of the combination of natural and synthetic fibers. This is the most commonly used wallpaper that comes in endless varieties of colors, patterns, and styles. Nonwoven paper is suitable for all rooms as it is durable, eco-friendly, and easy to install and repair.

Natural cloth wallpaper is a natural handcrafted wallcovering. Grass-cloth, linen, silk and wool are applied to a paper backing. Modern versions are manufactured with a durable paper backing for easy hanging. Cloth wallpaper gives a unique and distinguished look every time, as natural materials vary in colors and textures and seams are visible. It is very delicate paper that demands meticulous handling.

Toile de Jouy is a highly decorative engraving-like print originated in 18th century France, named after its birth city, which translated means “cloth of Jouy”. It is one of the most famous and recognizable wallpaper prints. Traditionally, it consists of the landscape and figure motifs in shades of muted colors on a neutral background.

Nonwoven wallpaper

A little change goes a long way

There are various ways to make a small space feel more spacious with wallcoverings. Reflecting surfaces will boost the light around the room and the space will seem deeper and larger. Besides spaciousness, metallic wallpaper will give the room a touch of luxury.

Light colors and small prints will open up the small space. Vertical stripes will visually add height to the space, and horizontal stripes will make the narrow room seem wider. Large patterns are ideal for large spaces; they will make high ceilings seem lower, and pattern repetition will come forward.

Dark and rich colors are also great solutions for big and wide spaces that need to be warmed up. In large multi-functional open spaces, different wallpapers are great solutions to create divisions and to feature functions, as an office space within the living area or a dining area within the kitchen. In addition, dark colors and big prints create a dramatic and luxurious effect.

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If there is one room in the house where wallpaper will cause excitement and real joy, it’s the children’s room. It is a perfect space to be as bold as possible and to break the rules. Photo murals are the way to go. Placing a big mural of your child’s favorite character across the wall will cause excitement and emotion that you will never forget.

When it comes to children’s rooms less is less and more is more, so make it bright and joyful. In a shortage of wall space, you can always go with wallpaper with a beautiful and harmonious pattern that will cheer up the room and grow with your child. Bright motives and a happy atmosphere are also essential elements of your child’s healthy development, and you can’t amplify them enough.

kid bedroom wallpapers

First impressions last

By installing wallpaper in the entry hall, you will make a strong first impression of your home and give a hint of what is coming next. So make the wallpaper in your entrance a part of the same picture as the rest of the interior, but keep a dose of distinctiveness and surprise. First impressions last, so make a small but meaningful moment of surprise.

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When designing your interior, you are creating a story, and wallpaper and textiles are a highly important part of it. A lot of wallpaper collections come with a range of fabrics to combine, which offers a fantastic tool to balance and harmonize your space.

Remember that successful decorating schemes do not engage more than three principal colors and three different patterns in fabrics and wallcoverings. You won’t go wrong with combining stripes, checks, and florals as long as there is harmony in scale and one common color that provides balance.

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If there is a room in your home that just seems empty and craves for some character, it’s a perfect place for some wallpaper. Amongst leather, silk, animal prints, and all kinds of stone wallpaper, from hand printed to nonwoven paper, choosing the right one can be a seriously difficult assignment. You can tackle it by yourself, or simply hire a professional decorator to help you tie all the components together and round up the picture.

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