10 Things Women Do That Push Men Away

Does it seem as if your guy is pulling away from you? Is he acting kind of shady and ignoring your calls or taking a long time to text you back? It’s possible you’re doing nothing wrong, but then again, you could be doing one of these 10 things women do that push men away.

Nobody is perfect. As women, we have a very high image to look up to. Men’s opinions of us are shaped from birth by the women in their lives (namely their mother) and that image is definitely an image of perfection.

We will never live up to that image, but sometimes we do things that push him away without realizing it. What are you doing that could be making your man want to walk out the door? Here are a few possibilities.

#1 Accusing Him

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Wrongfully accusing a man is the quickest way to push him away. If you’re constantly asking him who he was out with, where he’s been, or why he was twenty minutes late, then he’s going to make a run for it.

Men need to be trusted in order to feel secure in a relationship. If you don’t trust him, then he doesn’t see any reason why he should stay. It works both ways.

If you know that he’s cheating on you (you caught him in bed with another woman, you found sexy texts on his phone), then there’s a definite problem, otherwise, it’s best if you learn to trust before dating someone.

#2 Nagging Him


Do you nag him? Is he being told three times an hour to take out the trash, pick up his shoes, do the dishes, or anything else? Nagging him is the equivalent of treating him like a child, and I can tell you that if you nag him you will lose him.

Ease up. Most guys get things done, it just has to be done on their own time.

#3 Comparing Yourself to His Ex

Another way women push away their men is by comparing themselves to his ex. If you’re constantly asking him “Was she prettier than me?” or “Am I better in bed than her?” then you’re going to push him away.

Let me be blunt with you. She’s an ex, he doesn’t want to be reminded of her and he doesn’t want to compare the two of you. Let it go.

#4 Belittling His Friends

Men are very protective of each other, and their pals are pals for life! You might not like his friends (that’s perfectly normal), you might not even want him hanging around his old college buddies (bad influences), but you have to keep your mouth shut about it.

Unless he’s out with his guys twenty four hours a day and picks up their terrible habits (unemployment, couch surfing, etc.), then you have little to fear. Guys will be guys and sometimes they just need to be with the boys.

Talking bad about his friends will push a man away. His friends are like his family.

#5 Disrespecting His Family

This brings me to another point. Men are extremely protective of their family (especially men who come from cultures that revolve around family). If you talk bad about his family, disrespect his family, or are otherwise rude to someone in his family (no matter how much they deserve it),. you will push him away. Always be polite to his relatives.

#6 Revolving Your Life Around Him

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Men get terrified if you revolve your life around them. Seriously, they hate it. It makes them feel smothered and suffocated. First, he doesn’t want to be the center of your every waking moment (it takes away form his own personal time) and second, making him the center of your life only shows him that you are not secure enough in yourself to live without him.

That’s just terrifying.

Get your own life, he’ll appreciate it.

#7 Always Taking Charge

Do you always have to be the one in charge? Is your man left in the background as you plan  out his day, his week, his life?

Don’t be that woman. I don’t care how Beta your man is, he still needs to be in charge once in a while so he feels like a man. If you always take charge, you’re going to push him away,

#8 You’re Over Emotional

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At their best, men aren’t great with emotional women. If you’re over emotional about every little thing, then he’s going to want to run away. Far, far away.

You can’t cry every time you burn dinner, you can’t lose your temper whenever you get stuck in traffic, and you can’t worry about him constantly through the day. Stop being over emotional, he doesn’t know how to handle it.

#9 Disrespecting Him

If you are constantly disrespecting or belittling your man, you are pushing him away. Nobody likes to feel degraded and nobody wants to feel as if their lover looks down on them. If you’re always telling him he’s useless, or worthless, then believe me when I tell you he will push you away and he’ll find someone who does think he is worth something.

#10 Pushing Him Into Marriage

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The biggest thing women do that push men away is try to push him into marriage. Trust me, if he’s ready for marriage, he will propose to you. Don’t guilt him into popping the big question and don’t think for a moment that because you’re ready for wedded bliss he should be, too.

Men know what they want and who they want, and they won’t take anything in between. Don’t push him into marriage, you’ll lose him.

It’s not always easy to know what’s going on in your guy’s mind, but it’s always a really good idea to step back for a moment and think about how you’re treating him. Always remember the golden rule: Treat him like you would want to be treated.

So, tell us, are you pushing your man away, or is he really backing off for reasons unknown? 

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