Is He Interested In Me Or Just Being Nice?

Is He Interested In Me Or Just Being Nice?

Are you constantly burned by mixed signals and misinterpreted body language? Is he interested in me or just being nice? Here are all the answers you need

The dating world can go from simple to complicated quickly. The quick glances, the conversations, and the body language can confuse the most experienced woman.

Every man uses a different approach to seizing the girl, and women must pay attention. Is he interested in me or just being nice?

There is a difference between interest and politeness and it’s easy to miss. The line is thin and women must understand his point of view.

Sounding board

Beautiful loving couple sitting in a cafe enjoying in coffee and conversation

Communication is a vital part of a lasting relationship. Both parties want to express themselves, but the problem arises when one person won’t listen.

Ladies must remain quiet when the man speaks, but men must be quiet when women speak. Does the man listen to the dialogue? A good listener responds with questions pertaining to the dialogue given to him.

Unfortunately, this direct answer doesn’t fully explain the “Is he interested in me or just being nice” question. How he answers the questions in the conversation matters too.

Does he sound like he cares? Is his enthusiasm overdone or fake? Does he sound annoyed or offended? Women must ask these few questions internally during the interaction.

In addition, watch his body language. Is he ignoring the conversation? Do his eyes shift or stay with you? Can you get your point across without interruption? Ask those questions internally and pay attention to the man’s response to those questions.

A common mix up is when the man is quiet when you speak and vice versa. This seems polite on the surface, but it’s actually rude.

A quiet response isn’t the same thing as listening. He might have something else on his mind during the conversation. He hears the conversation but chooses not to remember it.

Pomp and circumstance

The man’s reaction upon meeting you can give you the answer to the main question: is he interested in me or just being nice? His smile, his blushed face, his attention to personal appearance, his nervous approach, and his excitement declare love without words.

A common smile is a polite smile that doesn’t last long. An interested smile is genuine and long lasting. This smile creates a twinkle in his eye while channeling emotion from you to him.

A pink or reddish looking face upon meeting you is a blush. Yes, men do blush, especially when compliments come his way.

From hair adjustments to fidgeting, nerves definitely make men feel insecure. Consequently, those nerves are the root cause of silly and embarrassing things occurring during dates.

His voice or his personality may change around you. He may also wink at you. Luckily, his nerves don’t stop him from flirtations.

As the conversation gets going, excitement upon discovering similar interests is a great sign. This discovery is a gateway to a love connection.

Men view hobbies, interests, and activities as common ground to connect on a deeper level. He may delve deeper into that discovery, so prepare to expand on it.

The similar interest or interests give him a reason to stick around and get to know you. If he likes what he hears or sees, he may discuss you with his family and friends.

He doesn’t have to show all the signs of pomp and circumstance, but he must react to seeing you. No reaction is a bad sign.

Expect him to move on to the next woman soon. An “I need to hide you’ reaction is a bad sign as well; it signals cheating or shame.

The seven digits

Happy couple in a coffee house having breakfast and photographing themselves

Is he interested in me or just being nice by asking for my phone number? Men are careful not to their phone number to anybody, so when he asks for your phone number, it’s a good sign.

Nevertheless, it isn’t a done deal. Ensure the date went well first. It’s possible he could keep the phone number to treat you as his backup instead of his main squeeze. Lastly, always trust your gut.

Memory lane

No need to wonder if he is interested in you or just being nice if his memory is laser-sharp. Interested men remember past conversations and specific details about women.

This is a sign that he wants to understand you better. Appreciate the effort men put into remembering likes and dislikes about women. Show your appreciation by learning his likes and dislikes.

Nice gestures

Fixing a flat tire, offering a ride home, willing to pick up dry cleaning, or adjusting the work schedule to go on a date – a kind gesture speaks volumes.

Women see it as “thoughtful.” Men view it as “an excuse to see you.” Watch out for men who are assiduous for their ladylove. It’s an impressive trait for the “is he interested in me or just being nice” question.

The playground tease

attractive young casual couple teasing at each other and laughing

From a woman’s perspective, such schoolyard stuff doesn’t belong in the dating world. From a man’s point of view, the tease lasts beyond elementary or primary school.

In fact, teasing is exactly how they express their love for you. Don’t get offended, women. The tease is a part of his act. Unfortunately, a tease alone doesn’t confirm interest.

It could be real teasing as in bullying (not a good sign). A tease mixed with a previously mentioned sign, however, confirms the “yes” answer to the question “is he interested in me or just being nice?”

So, hey may flirt with you or use playful teasing as a way of showing their interest.  Guys may tease you as a way of gauging your reaction and seeing how you respond. If you respond positively and playfully, they may take it as a sign that you’re interested in them as well.

Getting mixed signals from him? Don’t worry; here’s how to tell if a guy is flirting with you or not.


Some women push good men away because they break the rules listed above. The first few men were incompatible. No big deal.

It’s normal to have more misses than hits in dating. However, when no progress occurs, this isn’t the man’s fault. Evaluate your approach.

An assertive, bossy, smart mouth attitude turns potential guys away. Ensure you’re not making mistakes in your game.

Throw out the checklist and interrogation/interview skills and speak like you’re chatting with a friend. It’s a date.

Enjoy the ride. Find out is he interested in me or just being nice by allowing the conversation to flow naturally.

The glances and stares bring the boys over, but how to definitely know if he is interested in you or just being nice? Ladies who are laser-focused on their deal breakers, “the list,” and dating techniques miss the man’s approach.

Those women disregard the great guy, yet complain about the good men are unavailable. Yes, eliminate men who possess deal-breaking habits, but pay attention to the man’s technique too.

If you want to dig dipper,  these 53 signs will tell how he truly feels about you.

Attractiveness gets attention. Never let his appearance become endgame. Be on your game.


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