How to Tell When He is Falling in Love With You

Check out these telltale signs that tell you when a guy is falling madly in love with you.

Do guys fall head over heels, madly in love with women?


Of course they do! It happens all the time. Every guy just has a different way of expressing and disguising his feelings; that is probably why you are never quite sure whether he is really into you or not. Not all men are comfortable with the feeling of vulnerability that falling in love often results in, and this can cause a guy to act in pretty odd ways to disguise what he considers to be a weakness or flaw in his masculinity.

Falling in love can feel to some people like they are losing control of something, especially if that person has experienced love in a negative way and had their heart broken in the past. Never judge a guy for the way he behaves in love. The more you can show him that you know how he feels, and that it’s okay, and that he is still in control of himself, the more he will trust you and allow himself to open up and express how he feels.

Why do some guys treat you badly when really they like you?

I suppose this is a common defense mechanism, and one that not only guys use, but also women. Have you ever ignored a boy at school when really you fancied the pants off him? Or argued with your teacher in class like a naughty schoolgirl when really you just wanted his attention? People can behave in funny and warped ways when they don’t quite know how to deal with an emotion, and this sort of thing happens way into adulthood, not just in school!

So the next time a boy offends you, or is argumentative, or makes you feel like you don’t even exist to him, ask yourself what it really means. Maybe he is simply trying to disguise the fact that he has feelings for you, but hasn’t quite worked out why or how it happened. Maybe he doesn’t even realize it himself yet? Sometimes conflict is really just sexual tension being relieved in a different form.

When I was younger and I was ‘seeing’ this guy I really liked, who really liked me too, we used to do a lot of play fighting. Actually, it was more like full on wrestling on the living room carpet! It all ceased when we discovered kissing, and later sexual intercourse though, and we discovered the proper outlet to express what we felt for each other.

Guy won’t always treat you badly  when they like you though.


Often it can be hard to know whether a guy is flirting with you or just being overly friendly, and it can be highly embarrassing to make the mistake of thinking a guy is coming onto you, when really he is just being himself. Here is a list of the signs to look out for (good and bad) to help you figure out if a guy likes you a little bit more than a friend, and he has feelings for you he wants or needs to express…

  1. Does he try to avoid direct eye contact? A guy who seems awkward when you look him in the eye during conversation probably finds you attractive or intimidating, but is too shy to do anything about it. He may feel that you are out of his league, or that you aren’t interested, or he may just be inexperienced and not know how to express his feelings, and so instead he will attempt to hide them by looking away. If a male friend has started to behave like this and you think you have done something wrong, think again. He is probably developing stronger feelings for you and is not sure what to do about it.
  2. How much does he tease you? When a guy makes fun of you he is usually being playful rather than mean. It is a way of expressing affection, but it may not always seem that way to you, especially when the guy keeps calling you unflattering names like “Stinker”! Watch out of these strange and unflattering “pet names”, if you notice they are repetitive, the guy probably likes you a lot, and is trying to find ways to show that he feels differently about you than he does about other people.
  3. Does he seem to put extra effort into his text messages? If a guy sends a stream of x’s, all different sizes, then think about the effort it has taken him to change the capital letter settings for each x. If he sends emoticons think about the tone of the message and what he is trying to express. If possible try to find out what his text messages are like to other people. If you are the only one he putting all the extra effort in for, it is probable that he likes you a lot and wants you to know it.
  4. Does he play down his interest in other women? When a guy likes you more than a friend, he won’t want to put you off by making you think he is interested in other women! If he is dating other women he will probably only have negative things to say about them, because he wants you to know that none of these women are right for him. This is because secretly he thinks that you are the right one for him!

What strange behaviour are you experiencing from a guy?

Let’s see if between us we can all work out exactly what his behaviour really means. If you know a guy, and you want to know if he likes you more than just a friend but his actions are confusing you, share your stories with us and get advice and feedback from our readers.

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  • I started seeing this guy 4 months ago and we agreed to solely be fraiends. However this past weekend he just started ignoring my text messages after 4 months of talking daily and seeing each other 3 times a week. I started liking him more than friends but haven’t told him yet. Could it be he feels the same or is it a sign that it’s over?