15 Fun Old-Fashioned Date Ideas

Does dating in today’s world seem a little too complicated? Are you longing for a simpler time when dates were fun and easy without worrying about bars and clubs? Here are 15 old-fashioned date ideas that will take you back to those simpler times, without taking away the fun!

We all know what a hassle dating can be, and it isn’t always easy to think of something to do. Sometimes, instead of keeping up with the fast-paced bar scene or trying to talk to your guy over the thumbing sounds of the local club, it’s good just to go back to more innocent (and easier) times. These 15 old-fashioned date ideas are guaranteed to keep things simple.

#1 Go Dancing

Rarely do couples go dancing anymore, but instead of going to a night club and hanging out with the loud crowd, try going to a salsa club or even taking a ballroom dance class together.

#2 See a Movie

Of course, people still go to the movies when they’re on a date, but how about seeing a classic movie or even going to a drive-in theatre if you have one nearby? Movies are a great way to snuggle up over a bowl of popcorn as well.

#3 Share an Ice-Cream

interracial couple sharing an ice cream

Imagine you and your guy softly clicking spoons over a tasty banana split! It might not be a soda shop like the fifties, but you can still enjoy the intimacy of sharing an ice-cream.

#4 Drive to a Look-Out Point

You know how in old movies there’s always a time when teenagers “go parking?” Now it’s your chance to enjoy that bygone era. Instead of jumping into bed on the first night, go and have an old-fashioned make-out session under the stars. Who knows, maybe he’ll give you his Varsity jacket.

#5 Double Date

Another great old-fashioned date idea is to grab another couple and go on a double date. Double dating takes away a lot of dating pressure and it adds to the fun if you’re going anywhere sporty or doing any kind of gaming.

#6 Go For a Walk

It’s really hard to get to know someone in a crowded room full of live music or noisy drunks. Do something simple instead. Take your date for a walk around town. Small towns are excellent because they are usually full of little old couples enjoying the evening weather, while cities are perfect for anyone who wants to window shop as they walk by galleries and clothing stores. Either way, you and your date will have plenty of time to get to know each other.

#7 Picnic

Young couple in spring meadow

A picnic in the park is one of the most romantic old-fashioned dates you and your guy can enjoy. Imagine you and your man sitting on a soft blanket on the grass. He opens the small basket beside you and pulls out some sandwiches. He then hands you a plastic champagne glass and pours some bubbling apple cider into it as the two of you kick your shoes off and settle in for some sun. Picnics are always going to be one of the most cost efficient and romantic ways to date. Plus, you can always bring a good book and take turns reading to each other.

#8 Star Gaze

There are always certain times of the year when meteor showers are prevalent, and those can be some of the most dazzling nights! However, you don’t need a meteor shower to enjoy the stars. Think of star gazing as a picnic at night and you and your guy can sit under the blanket of the night holding hands and looking up at the night sky. Romantic (and free), star gazing is one of the best dates you and your guy will ever have.

#9 Swing at The Park

While you’re outside walking around, or having a picnic in the park, take the time to play on the swings. It might sound childish, but in all actuality it is definitely romantic. Have you ever watched those romantic comedies where the girl sits on the swing when she has something on her mind and then suddenly Mr. Right comes out and gives her his coat or pushes her gently while she talks to him? Yes, swinging is not just kids play.

#10 Go to the Fair

Who doesn’t want to share a hotdog and cotton candy while their guy tries to win them a stuffed animal? One of the best old-fashioned dates you can have is to go to the county fair (or even one of those small fairs that has a few select rides and is in a mall parking lot. Any fair will do, really.

#11 Play a Board Game at Home

Why go out for a date at all when you can sit inside with some hot cocoa or chips and salsa and play Scrabble? One of my favorite old-fashioned dates is playing board games. Granted, I spend a lot of time playing nerd games, but I still count it as a date and there’s nothing that gets a guy laughing more than you challenging him to a good match.

#12 Go Roller Skating

Beautiful young people rollerblading at a spring afternoon

You don’t have to be a disco skater to enjoy the roller rink! Take the night to hold hands as you both go wobbling along. Roller skating (or even ice-skating if you’re up for it) is fun and it gives you an excuse to get close to each other.

#13 Go to an Outdoor Festival

If there isn’t a fair in town, there is usually some sort of outdoor festival to go to instead. Things like the jazz and ribs fest, art fests, or even just heading off to the weekend farmers’ market will give you and your guy a fun-filled date to remember.

#14 Bowling

It’s difficult not to like bowling. No matter how old you are, or how badly you play the game, bowling is still one of the most awesome old-fashioned date ideas ever. Plus, it allows your guy to wrap his arms around you and show you the correct form (wink, wink).

#15 The Arcade

If you are lucky enough to still have an arcade in your local mall, then this is the perfect place to go for a date. Challenge your guy at race-car games and air-hockey and enjoy the fun! If you don’t have an arcade, you can modernize this old-fashioned date idea a little by playing indoor laser tag or going out to putt-putt golf.

There are so many different ways to have a good old-fashioned date. So tell us, what will you be doing tonight?

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