Biggest Insecurities Men Have

Like women, men have plenty of insecurities. Whether they show it or not, here are some of the most common insecurities men have that you may or may not know about.

Even the most confident guy you’ve ever met might feels insecure sometimes. The fact is, there’s always someone who is richer, taller, has bigger muscles, etc. Just because they have these insecurities doesn’t mean they are always at the forefront of their mind or that they are controlled by them.

Most people have learned to live with their insecurities and not to let it affect them so much. If you’ve ever wondered what men’s biggest insecurities are, take a look below and find out.


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Not all guys have a problem with height obviously. The average height in the United States for an adult male is 5’9”, but a guy doesn’t need to be shorter than that to feel insecure about his height.

What are the three things guys have always heard women say they like? Tall, dark, and handsome. Tall is the first one! It’s no secret that women like tall men. Even men who are above average in height may sometimes feel bested in some way by taller men.

Penis size

A man’s size could actually be a source of confidence depending on how they feel about what they have, but some men have a major hang up about how they stack up to others. The average penile length in the United States is 5.1”.

Again, even if a guy measures significantly higher than that, he may still be very insecure about his size based on what he’s seen in pornographic movies, from his friends, or maybe even from experiences he may have had with previous partners.

In our culture, masculinity and penis size go hand in hand. If a guy believes his penis to be rather small or smaller than he might think it should be, it can cause him to be very uncomfortable with his body.

Muscle mass and fitness

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This is something that can be worked on, but nonetheless, guys don’t usually like to bring their girlfriends around other guys who are in better shape. They know that fit bodies are attractive.

Some men try really hard but have a lot of difficulties putting on lean muscle mass, especially if they have a busy schedule. It’s not always easy to balance your diet and exercise enough to have the body you want. It takes a lot of effort and some guys are naturally built better for it than the others.


Men believe that women are attracted to wealth and the security it brings. Some men, therefore, believe that a good looking guy with a lot of money will appear to be a better choice than themselves, whoever they may be.

From a superficial perspective, this will always be true, but any man who suffers from this mindset will have to either trust his partner to see beyond that perceived higher value into what’s inside, or let his jealousy and insecurities weigh the relationship down.


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Men want to be seen as cool and popular by other people, especially women. They want to appear to have a lot of friends. If they don’t have a lot of friends, which as an adult is totally normal, they still might feel shy about it.

In high school, it’s important to have a good friend group otherwise you’re “a loser.” Having a lot of friends is supposed to be indicative of people liking you and therefore you being cool.

But as adults, people usually stick to having a few close friends and maybe a bit more than that. Social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are definitely a huge part of our social lives today that, to some people, tend to measure a person’s worth by how many followers they have. In reality, some people just don’t care that much about social media and would much rather interact with people in person.


Some people have insecurities based on a self-evaluation of worth related to their talents. If they’re a drummer and they lost their big chance to be the lead drummer in the school band, they might feel like they tried their hardest and failed so, therefore, they are not as good of a choice for dating as someone else. That’s pure nonsense of course.

Female attention

Guys know that women are attracted to men that other women are attracted to. Guys may want to project an image of popularity with women in hopes that the women that they like will take notice. For example, if they aren’t getting the female attention on their Instagram post that they were hoping for, they might delete it.

All of these insecurities really just point back to who a person is on an individual level and where their identity and feelings of self-worth come from. A guy who has his stuff together will know that this is the way it is for him, accept it, and be happy with who he is.

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