How To Cope With Being Single Again After A Breakup

You may think that being single should be paired with tears and chocolate. Not anymore! Here are the best secret tips on how to cope with being single again

Ladies everywhere, especially nowadays, have the hardest time being single. We fear that if we’re single now, we’re doomed to spend eternity alone or worse, with 20 cats. This leaves us laying in bed with tears spilling over into our ice cream containers as we dissolve into a pile of depressed mush.

Not any more, ladies! Whenever we go through a breakup and have that period of binge eating buckets of ice cream, we only ever focus on the negative aspects of being single. What about all the amazing parts of living a single life? Believe me, there are plenty! Here are the top 8 ways how to cope with being single again.

1. The bed is ALL yours

how to cope with being single again

When I say all yours, I mean you can sleep diagonal across the entire thing, piled in all those throw pillows he always hated, and never have to worry about someone waking you up when you roll over.

You won’t ever have to pin yourself against the side of the bed for fear of waking up someone else. So, crawl into that comfy, blanket-ridden relaxation station and get the best sleep of your life, because you and I both know you wouldn’t be able to do that if you were in a relationship.

He'll give his heart to the first woman who does this...

2. How to cope with being single again? Buy a new lipstick!

Am I the only one who desperately misses wearing lipstick when I’m in a relationship with someone? I can’t be. Lipstick is always a no-go when I know I’ll spend some time macking on a gorgeous guy who (for obvious reasons) isn’t exactly fond of the idea of having dark, smudged lipstick all over his face.

When you’re single, you can wear as much lipstick as you want! Pile on that plum-colored pout you’ve been pining for. Paint that lips a sexy red and enjoy it because there will be no one there to moan and groan for you to take it off.

3. You can watch ALL the chick flicks!

how to cope with being single again

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to skip watching a movie I really wanted to see because my boyfriend wanted to watch Top Gun. Again. Now, I’m all for a good action movie from time to time, but what about all those incredible chick-flicks out there!

When you’re single, you can watch whatever you want without protest from party pooping boyfriends. And, the best part about being fresh out of a relationship is that you have a stockpile of those romantic comedies ready to go because you went so long without watching them. Hello, Netflix binge watching.

4. Shaving isn’t required. Ever.

I mean, it might be a good idea if you’re heading out in a short skirt, but otherwise, you don’t have to shave every day! Honestly, that is enough to convince me that single life is better.

Goodbye razor burn. Goodbye spending tons of money on the best shaving creams and high-quality razors. Hello cheap razor that will get the job done because who’s going to be taking off my pants anyways?

5. You don’t have to wash your hair every day.

First of all, washing your hair every day isn’t exactly the healthiest for it in the first place. But since your man used to think it was gross when you skipped a wash, you had to every day.

Now, throwing your hair in a messy bun on top of your hair and skipping the shampoo in the shower is your idea of getting ready, which is perfectly acceptable in Singlesville and will also help your locks look even better than before. Bonus!

6. You can learn a new language!

how to cope with being single again

Or read those books you never had time for, or join that dance class, or pick up a guitar and start learning. The point is, when you’re single you have copious amounts of extra time when you don’t have to spend it with someone else.

You have time to pick up a new hobby that you’ve always wanted to try but never had the time for because being a relationship is so time-consuming. So, get out there and join that ski club! You may even find a life-long passion.

7. Friends!

This word is probably enough to make you feel guilty for the amount of time you didn’t spend with your friends when you were in a relationship. Now that you’re single, you’re probably bored out of your mind.

Call your friends! You’ll have all this time to hang out with them and, believe me, you need it. Spending time with friends is not only good for you emotionally, but also a great way to distract yourself when you’ve just been through a breakup.

8. You’ll learn what you like

All of those other reasons are bonuses to living the single life, but the real benefit to being single is that you’ll get to know yourself better and learn what you like and don’t like without someone else there to influence your decisions.

No. I don’t mean discovering that you don’t like peas, but love carrots. I’m saying that you’ll figure out the type of people you want to surround yourself with and the lifestyle you want to live and that will help you in any future endeavors with a special someone.

These are the secret reasons I love being single and am not looking for anyone new anytime soon! What about you? Do any of you want to divulge your best-kept secret benefits of being single and save us all the heartache and mascara?

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