How To Stop Falling In Love So Easily (And Stupidly)

Sometimes, we search for love in all the wrong places during all the wrong times. We end up heartbroken and disappointed, promising ourselves that we’ll learn how to stop falling in love with every guy we hardly know.

If this sounds familiar, take comfort in knowing that there are thousands of women just like you. Women who deserve so much more than what you’re getting. Perhaps you’ve been single for many years and you long for that special person to fill a void or you’ve been with all the wrong men, one after another.

You meet someone new and you can imagine getting to know him better. You find yourself daydreaming of him more often than you’re willing to admit. Maybe you even find yourself using the word ‘love’ after the third date.

Although not completely impossible in certain instances, truly falling in love with someone you hardly know can lead to quite a bit of heartache. It’s time to take things slower. Learn how to stop falling in love with every guy you hardly know in order to avoid feeling disappointed that he may turn out to be someone you definitely didn’t expect.

Better yet, learn to give yourself enough time to get to know someone in the hopes of figuring out if that person is really someone you want to spend valuable time on.

Keep the following tips in mind when figuring out how to stop falling in love with every guy you hardly know – keeping your heart guarded and your mind sane.

1. Keep a checklist

Although it’s never advisable to write down a never-ending checklist of all of the things you don’t want in someone and everything you simply can’t live without, it is advisable to have some form of an idea of what it is that you’re looking for in someone.

You need to figure out how important physical looks are compared to personality. You need to figure out the type of moral values your ideal person needs to have. That way, you won’t fall for every guy that comes your way simply because he’s cute or attractive.

2. Remember your deal breakers

What is it that turns you off completely? Are there certain deal breakers or habits that you can’t see yourself having to deal with on a daily basis? If so, write them down. That way, you’ll be able to eliminate certain guys for not falling into a category.

Remember, knowing how to stop falling in love with every guy you hardly know requires having to evaluate the person you meet to see whether or not he has the required traits to become a lifelong partner. If not, move on.

3. Be realistic instead of living in a fantasy

Yes, he may have the most gorgeous blue eyes you’ve ever seen or he has amazing abs, but it’s time to take off your fantasy glasses and have a look at reality. Love can make you do ridiculously stupid things, which is why you’re probably falling in love with every new guy you meet.

Take a breather and a step back before jumping heart first into a new guy’s arms. Want to learn how to stop falling in love with every guy you hardly know? Become a little bit more practical.

4. How to stop falling in love with every guy you hardly know? Learn to say no

Learn to say no to what your head and hormones are telling you at times. The truth is, they can lie. Your hormones have a funny way of making you believe something that isn’t really true. As a result, you end up doing things you shouldn’t and making mistakes simply because you think you’re in love. It’s okay to say no sometimes.

You don’t have to go out with every guy who looks your way. You certainly don’t have to kiss every guy who buys you a meal. Avoid becoming the people’s pleaser simply because you’ve become accustomed to always saying yes to everything.

5. Adhere to the three-month rule

The three-month rule has the potential of saving you plenty of heartaches, confusion, and lifelong regrets that you can’t take back once you’ve done them. It consists of giving the guy a three-month trial period before jumping into bed with him.

If he’s willing to wait around for three months before getting any, he’s worth your while. This will allow both of you plenty of time to get to know each other on a real level, instead of a fantasy, lust-driven means that can easily explode in your face.

6. Keep yourself busy

You have to remain busy by doing everyday things in order to avoid over-thinking. Boredom can make you do things you wouldn’t normally do.

By having your own life and staying busy, you might find yourself valuing your time more than usual. Learning how to stop falling in love with every guy you hardly know can be as simple as having a busy, everyday schedule where only certain people get to take up some of your time.

7. Avoid focusing on finding someone to love

He will come along when the time is right. You don’t have to chase him or become freaked out because you’re running out of time. Remember, the right person is always worth waiting for. Focus on yourself and your goals more than finding someone to love or someone who will love you. Not only do you run the risk of finding the wrong person, but you could end up making irreversible mistakes along the way.

8. Build a support system

Whether they’re your friends or family, you need to surround yourself with people who will love and support you, who will be there for you when you’re low and will hang out with you on a Friday night. Those people will be able to tell you whether the guy you met is worth keeping around. That way, you don’t have to rely on your own judgment solely. You’ll be able to see things for what they really are instead of what you want them to be.

When it comes to figuring out how to stop falling in love with every guy you hardly know, you need to evaluate why you fall so quickly. Is it because you don’t have a clear vision of who you are or what it is that you’re looking for in a partner, perhaps it’s because you’re simply lonely and don’t want to spend weekends by yourself anymore.

Maybe it’s simply because you have an addiction to falling in love or meeting new guys on a regular basis. Unfortunately, some individuals get bored with the same person too quickly and think that it’s the other person’s fault, so they end up moving on to someone new.

Sadly, until you learn to be content with yourself and only you on a Friday night, you’ll end up spending time with all the wrong men simply to fill a void. Learn to be happy alone, figure out what it is that you really desire in someone, then open yourself up to what may be instead of chasing an idea that could simply be a fantasy.

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