11 Ways to Enjoy Awesome Anal Sex With Your Guy

If you thought anal sex was just like having sexual intercourse, only in the backdoor instead of the front, then you are very mistaken! Discover 11 ways to enjoy anal sex with your guy and really turn him on!

If you’re going to enjoy anal sex as part of your sexual relationship, then you may as well explore all of the possibilities! I have put together a list of sexy ideas for you and your guy to try out, to help you get the most out of your anal play. Enjoy…

#1 Leave Your Knickers On!

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As if anal sex wasn’t taboo enough… Why not leave your knickers on while he penetrates you? Pulling them to one side to reveal your ass will give him the hardest erection, because it will reinforce the idea that you are both doing something very naughty. So, naughty and spontaneous that you’re not even taking your underwear off while you do it!

#2 Invest In Some Naughty Anal Sex Knickers

If your guy is an ass guy, and what’s more, if you both enjoy having anal sex, you may as well make the experience as naughty as you possibly can, and surprise him by wearing the naughtiest pair of knickers you can get your hands on! Look for slutty knickers that have an opening to allow you to enjoy anal penetration without taking them off – your guy will be so shocked at how kinky you are when you pull up your skirt and bend over, he will want to grab you immediately.

#3 Spread Your Ass So He Can See It All!

It might sound obscene, but if you use your hands to pull your ass cheeks apart and reveal yourself to your guy, he will feel like you are offering yourself to him, which, by the way, is incredibly sexy to a guy who loves anal sex! Don’t by shy – you’re already bending over with your ass in the air, you may as well show him you really want it!

#4 Take Control And Go On Top

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Anal sex feels completely different when the woman takes control. When you take the initiative to go on top during anal sex, you immediately tip the power scale, which can be a turn on for both of you! It also has its benefits, because you get to control the depth and pace of penetration, so you can go slow and build up the sexual anticipation gradually, and control his orgasm, until you can both take it no longer and explode! He also gets a great view of your breasts and stomach as you grind him to his climax.

#5 Enjoy Anal Sex And Clitoral Stimulation

Intensify your pleasure by multi-tasking! Stimulate your own clitoris during anal penetration with your fingers, or invite your guy to do it for you. You can also build yourself up to a powerful orgasm by clenching the muscles in your thighs and vagina with every thrust. Ask him to pinch your nipples too for an extra shot of pleasure that will head straight to the areas that are already tingling and begging for more!

#6 Stimulate Him While He Penetrates You!

If you are with an open-minded guy then you can make things even better for him by massaging his perineum while he penetrates your ass and rubs your clitoris. This way both of you can be experiencing mutual stimulation on all genital and anal areas, which is bound to lead to something explosive!

#7 Rimming Is Fun Too

Rimming is where you stimulate the other person by gently running your tongue around the rim of their anus. It is great for foreplay, and an amazing way to build up all of that important sexual anticipation that is going to help tip you over the edge when the time comes. If you are feeling daring you can even slip your tongue inside a bit and feel his sphincter muscles react to the slight penetration, which will feel wonderful for him! It can be exciting to feel his body respond with pleasure to something you do to him.

#8 Don’t Forget To Play With Toys

Anal sex can be even more fun if you introduce some anal toys into the mix! Make sure you use plenty of lubrication, and experiment with anal beads and butt plugs. Your guy will enjoy the visual stimulation of seeing your ass open and close around each bead as he pulls them out of your ass slowly. A butt plug will give you a nice full feeling while he is giving you oral sex!

#9 Have Anal Sex In Naughty Places

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Combining the taboo experience of anal sex with something risqué like pleasuring each other in public places, or before you are expecting guests can add to the excitement. Let your guy put his hand up the back of your skirt and discretely massage your anus through your knickers. You are guaranteed to get extremely wet, and he will have to disguise his erection, but it will be worth it. Just don’t get caught!

#10 Anal for Him

Believe it or not, as awesome and titillating as anal sex is for you, it’s even more fabulous for a man! Of course, there are numerous reasons why men would prefer not to admit they want to try anal sex.

Inside the anus, three inches up against the inner wall, is where the male G-Spot may be found. It is the prostate gland, to put it another way. . It feels just like the female G-Spot, like a sort of bump inside the rectum.

This area gives guys strong orgasms when lightly touched. While it’s true that males may orgasm without this specific stimulation, why not give him the entire experience? Being able to thrill your lover as no one else has before is one of the most enjoyable aspects of anal sex.

Before you give your guy the finger treatment, make sure your hands are clean and your fingernails are clean.  Also, lubricate your finger before insertion. Here is how to stimulate his g -spot.

#11 Do It Like The Porn Stars Do It

Ever fancied a threesome? You can bet your guy has fantasized about it. If you are both up for it and know someone you can trust, then why not have some fun acting out some common porn-positions that involve anal sex? Just make sure you stay safe and only do what you all feel comfortable with. Alternatively, it can be just as sexy to watch anal sex porn while you do it with your partner alone. It can even be sexy to just talk about having an anal sex threesome. Sometimes the fantasy is sexier when it’s kept in the imagination.

Need more anal tips? Check out my articles on having anal sex for the first time and some painless anal sex positions to have an even more orgasmic anal experience.

Share Your Anal Sex Experiences

Everyone likes to do it a little bit different to the rest of us, that’s what makes human beings so unique! And the great things about us all having such different experiences is that we can share them and learn new ways to enjoy ourselves! So share your anal sex experiences, tips and questions in the comments below!


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