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12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Sex That Will Leave You Wanting More

There are lots of benefits of sex and more than the obvious ones. It also provides amazing health benefits. Read on to learn the health benefits of sex.

Sex is something that applies to more than just the physical sense. It also applies to mentally, and how it affects your health. Despite sex just being thought of as hot, steamy, amazing, loving, wild, fun, intimate, romantic, sweet, connective, and so on, it also has some amazing health benefits associated with it.

The main health benefit of sex that most people think of, is the exercise from all of the thrusting and different positions. The other health benefits seem to be hidden to people, but trust me they are definitely existent and do come into play throughout your daily life. Read on to learn more about the amazing health benefits of sex

An Improved Immune System

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By having sex, one or two times a week, you will have higher levels of Immunoglobulin A. Meaning, that the antibody that is the front line defense of your immune system, will be more plentiful and also much stronger.

The more Immunoglobulin A, the better. It helps fight off all entering germs and viruses and most of the time it is successful. Meaning, you will not get sick, and your immune system won't actually become weaker from being used to fight off these germs and viruses so it will be able to ward off future germs better.

Not to mention, that kissing also increases your immune system due to your body processing and ingesting another person’s saliva. As much as this may be a turn-off, the saliva you ingest from another person has plenty of different germs. Since those germs are ones you aren’t accustom to your body will learn to fight, and prevent them, just from you kissing your partner. So while you have some fun, you will also be boosting and strengthening your immune system.

Love With Your Heart, And Take Care Of It Too

Men who have sex at least two times a week are less likely to have heart disease due to sex being a form of exercise and pleasure. This, in turn, gets your heart rate going and blood flowing, which essentially strengthens and keeps your heart healthy.

Best Workout

Since sex is essentially exercise, it also provides some of the same benefits as exercise such as becoming more toned and lean. It also allows for you to improve your stamina, flexibility, strength, and endurance.

In addition, it also provides higher and better levels of estrogen or testosterone and helps to balance them better. However, it is important to still exercise in addition to the exercise you get from your sex life.

An Elevated Heart Rate, But Lower Blood Pressure

Sex, a great way to relieve stress and to also lower blood pressure. Contrary to the common belief about how it can increase blood pressure, it actually lowers it, despite the fact that your heart and body get more excited.

It's quite simple actually, since sex relieves stress, and it is a healthy exercise, it gets your blood flowing, lungs going, and heart pumping. Meaning, your blood pressure is bound to decrease. This can be seen when checking your blood pressure as you will notice that your systolic blood pressure (the first number on your results) is much lower.

A Cycle Of More Sex

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Libido, a word many people hear, but only when their libido is dying out. This can easily be remedied by having more sex. Many people stop having sex and then stop feeling that desire to make love with that special someone down the road.

However, the cure to this is to have sex and to continue to have sex. Shortly after having lots of sex, that flame, desire, and feeling of intimacy will return causing your sex drive to be normal, healthy, and definitely there.

It Does Wonders For Your Vagina And Period

The more sex the better, it will hurt a lot less, due to your body naturally creating more vaginal lubrication. Sex will also allow for better blood flow and elasticity. Another health benefit of sex is easier periods for women. You will have less bleeding, fewer cramps, and even less bloating.

Bladder Control

Sorry men, this health benefit of sex is also only for women. During sex, our vaginas get quite the workout, which then strengthens our pelvic floor. As alarming as a strengthened pelvic floor may sound, it is quite the plus since 30% of women at some point in their life will experience a slight loss of bladder control.

Luckily, when we orgasm we not only have that out of this world sensation, but we also are fortunate enough that our vaginal walls contract. As a result of these contractions, our pelvic floor muscles becoming stronger.

With a strengthened pelvic floor, you will be able to have full bladder control at all times, plus it will always make sex feel amazing.

Decreases Pain

Orgasms are a powerful, awesome thing. They can not only leave you in a haze, but they can also block out some pain. Most people find that by having sex, they have relief from their headaches, cramps, arthritic pains, and many other types of pain.

Mental Health

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Orgasms are clearly good for more than one thing; they also help with mental health in immense ways. By having sex, you will eliminate stress, anxiety, and will become much more confident.

As well, having sex will make you happier, and can even decrease the effects of depression due to your body releasing a hormone called serotonin which makes you feel ecstatic.

Prostate Health

There are many amazing things for men that happen during sex, especially down there. However, when men ejaculate at least 21 times a month they get the health benefit of having lesser chances of getting prostate cancer.

Sex, The Fountain Of Youth

This is one of the more commonly unknown health benefits of sex, but it definitely is a great one. Sex has been proven to not only stimulate your brain in various ways to keep it young, and stronger, but it can also keep your appearance looking younger.

Loving, supportive couples who have sex at least three times a week will look roughly 10 years younger than their actual age. This happens due a wonderful thing called the orgasm, once you orgasm, estrogen in men and women is released. When this is released, it actually effects the body by improving your skin and hair which will make you look much more youthful.

Cuddles And Sleep Time

This is a health benefit of sex, that many people take for granted. In fact, many people don't even realize the correlation between cuddling or sleep, and sex. After a great romp in bed, both of you will have that feeling of needing to sleep and cuddle. This feeling happens not only because of the labors of your love but also because your bodies release a natural hormone called Prolactin. This causes that sleepy, calm, relaxed haze after sex.

There is a lot more to sex than just the passion, lust, and that feeling that happens in the heat of the moment. There is also that loving feeling you get when you are with that special someone. However, there is more to sex, than what meats the eye. Underneath all of the emotions and feelings mentioned above, there are the important, hidden, awesome health benefits of sex.

After your next sex session, not only will you feel amazing sexually, but you will also feel good knowing that what you did, benefitted your body and mind in other ways for your health. If you can think of any more health benefits of sex, feel free to share!

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