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What Do Guys Think After You Sleep With Them?

Have you ever wondered what a guy will think of you after you sleep with him? If so, then you have to read this article about what men think after having sex.

Inside the mind of every guy is a tipping scale with the pros and cons of being with a girl on each side. All of that person’s faults, merits, and idiosyncrasies are weighed and stacked up against each other to see if they balance out.

The scales need to tip in the direction of the positive side, otherwise, he won’t be around for long and he’ll probably never come back. Until he has sex with you, he still won’t know exactly where you stand.

The chemistry could be great, the conversations could be engaging, and compatibility could be ideal, but if the sexual connection isn’t strong enough for him, he might not be able to justify a commitment if he thinks he’ll never be fully satisfied.

Even if the sexual connection is incredible, if the sex isn’t frequent enough, he might feel like he’s still not getting what he needs. Needless to say, sex is all-important to guys, so it’s only natural to wonder what do guys think after you sleep with them.

Overcoming preconceived opinions

what do guys think after you sleep with them

Men have very simple desires. Women have complex desires. These fundamental differences between the sexes are the cause of countless miscommunications and have bred resentment among members of both sexes. But the two sexes need each other because they are still very strongly attracted to each other.

This predicament is why we have people who hate the opposite sex. Their opinion that the other sex is somehow inferior causes them to make snap judgments before they even get to know someone.

This means that with some guys, you’re already starting from behind, sometimes way behind. But the kind of guys who think this way will eventually mature and realize that there are people out there who are not like the people from their past.

The point is, there is still hope for guys who womanize without ever wanting to get to know somebody. Eventually, pretty much all of them come around.

This article is not just about guys who are serious about meeting someone special, but also about guys who are drifting around because they will eventually meet someone that makes them want to change, there’s just no telling when that will happen or who it will be with.

The massive impact sex has

Having sex for the first time is an opportunity to take the connection much deeper. What do guys think after you sleep with them is a question has a lot to do with whether or not they are satisfied.

If a guy thinks that you’re amazing in the sack, your other drawbacks will seem much more tolerable. That being said, if you’re resistant to his advances toward sex for what he considers to be too long, your flaws will stand out more.

How easy or difficult was it?

what do guys think after you sleep with them

Any guy you ever sleep with will take note of how easy it was to get you into bed, but some find it less important than others. If it happened in the first encounter, that doesn’t necessarily mean he will think you’re like that with every guy you are attracted to, so don’t worry if things progressed a bit faster than expected.

That being said, if you say, “I usually don’t do this. We barely know each other,” or something like that, he’ll think to himself, I’ve heard that before. How long it took to get you in bed will also play a role in his decision of whether or not to use contraception.

In his mind, if it took some time before you got under the covers with him, there is a certain build up that he’ll expect to pay off in some way.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s expecting some kind of unique experience, but more that he’ll be hoping for something really special if he’s not accustomed to waiting so long for sex. If there was no passion and it was awkward, he’ll probably decide in that moment that you’re not really compatible.

If you have a lot of guy friends, how much effort it took to get you into the bedroom will be a key factor in deciding whether or not those other guys are really just friends.

Every guy has heard, “He’s just a friend” before. Now we assume that if he’s your friend and you guys keep in touch somewhat regularly that there’s something more to it in some way shape or form.

How good was it?

He’ll remember how everything you guys did under the covers felt. If he thought you were really good in bed, that’ll excite him about potentially seeing you again.

He’ll take into account several different things in determining how good he thinks you were in the sack. If you did anything that he didn’t like, such as making way too much noise, biting him too hard, or doing anything else that he finds annoying, his opinion about it will probably be brutal.

That will boil down to him wondering, are we sexually compatible? Also, he’ll take note of whether or not you knew how to do different positions, namely cowgirl. He’ll judge your oral sex capabilities too.

How was the oral sex?

If you refused to perform oral sex even though he made it obvious that he wanted that, that’s a turnoff. Not just because he loves receiving oral, but also because he wants you to want to.

If you’re someone who just doesn’t like doing it at all and never does it for anyone, he might be understanding but he definitely won’t like it. No matter what you say, he might think that you would do it for someone else but you’re not doing it for him.

His opinion of you after the sex

what do guys think after you sleep with them

If you did anything that he really didn’t like in the bedroom, his opinion of you will drop down. If he has pet peeves that you were guilty of, he might not even want to see you again.

The first time you have sex is like judgment day, but the good news is that you can impress him and make him like you a lot more. If he thinks you were amazing, he could even put you in the girlfriend category when he had previously already decided that he was not going to be with you long term.

Respect is vital

I can’t emphasize how important it is that he feels you respect him. It could be the best match ever, but if he feels deep down that you don’t respect him enough, the relationship is doomed to fail.

Respect is everything to a man. Without respect, he can never be truly happy. When it comes to the bedroom, the respect that he needs applies to all parts of his body.

What do guys think after you sleep with them also has to do with their self-confidence, He will remember the way you reacted to first seeing or feeling the size of his penis if you made any reaction that is.

Any kind of sound you made or response will be taken as a sign of approval. Ideally, you want him to think you’re impressed or at least completely satisfied with what he’s got because that will make him more comfortable about being with you. If he suspects that you think it’s not big enough, he’ll probably always think that that’s how you really feel.

What do guys think after you sleep with them is a question that is better answered on an individual basis, but to give you an idea of how most guys think after having sex with someone for the first time, they judge the other person’s abilities in the bedroom, and they make an assumption of what the other person thought of them. Chances are, he is wondering what you thought of him after the first time too.

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David Paulson

I’m a Florida native who can’t help but get myself into romantic trouble everywhere I look. During football season, I allow my weekends to be consumed with sports. During the long months in between, I focus most of my energy on trying to find the perfect match. So I’m here to share some of my knowledge with you, because I know deep down you’re just like me.


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  • After a night of being pummelled by a guy who either had no clue, or who just thought of me as his sex doll, to then read ‘I can’t emphasise how important it is important to respect the guy’, makes me so angry. I’ve just spoken to my girlfriends and they have said they all have had similar, awful experiences where they just get aggressively pounded and feel like a complete object.. Wheres the respect in that…

    • Preach sister! Pretty sure it’s way more important for myself to feel respected by the dude before I have any thoughts on making HIM feel respected during sex. I think the second a woman feels they are going to sleep with someone of their choosing, 9/10 times respect is obviously there. The same cannot be said for men. Let’s talk more on the importance of respect between all parties; specifically the males in their male-to-female relationships.