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Sexual Myths 101: Fiction Or Actually True?

You have probably been hearing many sexual myths throughout your life, and maybe there are some you have even tested out yourself. Find out if they're true!

Sexual education, especially in schools, is a bit flawed. They just teach you the basics most of the time, but there are so many aspects to sex that need to be discussed and answered- especially for those who grew up afraid to ask their parents about sex.

Some people truly are not as educated as they should be on sex- and there is nothing wrong with talking about sex. In fact, it is fun too. Here are some sexual myths that maybe you do not know if there are myths or actually true- keep reading to see if I’ve answered any myth you might have heard.

1. The pullout method always works in preventing pregnancy

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This is a myth. Yes, if you don’t have a condom and you use the pullout method that can prevent pregnancy- I’m not completely knocking it down, but it is absolutely not a good method of birth control.

Yes, it is true, if there is no sperm going into the vagina, you cannot get pregnant. But pre-ejaculation, which happens before male ejaculates, can get you pregnant, and sometimes one can ejaculate before they are able to pull out- leaving you with the chance that you are pregnant.

It is always better to use birth control- whether that be condoms, the pill, or both. The pull-out method should not be your main source of birth control. It also does not protect against STD’s- the only birth control method that does is condoms.

2. You can’t get pregnant from oral sex

This is true, there is virtually no way you can get pregnant from giving someone a blowjob. I have heard a girl say before that she always spits after the guy cums because she is scared that if she swallows the ejaculation she will get pregnant.

Even if you do swallow, there is no way you can get pregnant. Good news, right? Sure you can’t get pregnant from oral sex, but you can still get STD’s- even if you are performing oral sex on a female. To fully protect yourself, you should use condoms if you aren’t sure if the person you are with may have an STD or not.

3. It is easier to get pregnant from certain positions

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This is a myth- but not entirely. For women that are trying to get pregnant, no position is going to give you better chances of insemination. So feel free to try any position that you want.

Also, for those of you that are having sex without protection thinking that doing a certain position will decrease your chances of pregnancy- any position can get you pregnant.

Although, there is research that shows that standing up during sex may discourage sperm from traveling upwards. You can absolutely still get pregnant from having sex standing up, but you may want to try others beforehand.

One other tip for women if you are trying to conceive- do NOT douche after sexual intercourse. That can disrupt the pH balance and affect if the sperm lives or not.

4. You will automatically gain weight on birth control

This is a myth, in some cases. One side effect of birth control can be weight gain- I have never been on the pill before but most of my friends have. It has made some of them gain weight, and some of them have had no issues with weight while being on the pill.

First off, the weight that you may gain is not fat, it is fluid retention. You will also not gain a lot of weight, and if you do have some fluid retention that usually goes away within a couple of months.

If you want to be protected, don’t let the possibility of weight gain on the pill scare you away. Also, if you are feeling that uncomfortable on the birth control you are taking, you can always talk to your doctor a switch- there are so many birth control methods out there.

5. You shouldn’t have sex on your period

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Myth, myth, myth. And once again for good measure, this is a complete MYTH. Women often feel as though the entire time during their period they can’t have sex. This is a shame because often women get the horniest on their period.

If your partner is consenting, then feel free to have all the sex you want on your period. Especially if you are with someone that your trust and that knows you well- having sex on your period shouldn’t be gross.

Sure, you may want to put a couple of towels down because it can get messy if you are on heavy flow days, but never feel ashamed for wanting to have sex while on your period- it isn’t gross, and more people do it than you think, including me. Also, ladies, if you wear a tampon you can still have your partner go down on you and not have to worry about any blood.

6. A female becomes “loose” if she has had a lot of sex

This is a complete myth. Often, guys (and girls as well) will say that if a girl has been with a lot of people or have had a lot of sex, especially with someone with a large penis, that will make their vagina become “loose”, and sex feels better with someone with a “tight” vagina.

The amount of sex that a female has had and also the size of what has gone in her has nothing with the tightness of her vagina. Like male genitalia, all vaginas are different- different size, elasticity, and how “tight” one feels can also depend on how aroused they are. If you have had a lot of sex and someone wants to slut shame you and say you have a “loose vagina”, don’t listen. It is a complete myth.

7. All vaginas smell bad

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Yes, I know this may sound ridiculous, but come on, I’m heard you have heard the myth that all vaginas do not exactly smell pleasant. Yes, that is a myth. Yes, there are some things that can affect the odor that comes from down there- if you have been exercising and sweating a lot that can affect the odor (tip: keep vaginal wipes with you to freshen up), but vaginas do not naturally smell bad.

Most of the time, if the woman maintains cleanliness down there, it really shouldn’t smell like much of anything. Even if it does have a slight scent, it is not going to be unpleasant.

If you do notice a strange, or bad odor down there you may want to get checked out by a doctor- this can mean there may be something going on that requires medical attention. If you are afraid of going down on someone because you think they are going to smell bad, that is a complete myth.

8. If you eat pineapple, you’ll “taste” sweet

This is a myth- but also not entirely. If you haven’t heard this before, there is a long-standing myth that if you eat pineapple it can make you taste better down there- for female and male ejaculation.

If you have heard this myth before, maybe you have even tried it- ate a bunch of pineapples or drank pineapple juice to see if  it will make you taste sweeter. I know I have tried it. With that being said, it will not necessarily work.

But, what you eat can affect how your ejaculation tastes, eating healthy foods high in natural sugars like fruit can make your ejaculation taste less bitter and more pleasant, especially for men.

If you have some serious problems going on down there with taste and odor, eating a ton of pineapple isn’t going to make all of the difference. You may need to go see a doctor.

But I would say, try it out for yourself- the jury is still out on this one. Plus, there is nothing wrong with eating a lot of pineapples- it is healthy and delicious.
Are there any other sexual myths that you can prove to be true or are just myths? If so, feel free to comment down below! Nothing wrong with some sexual education.

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