12 Most Common Female Fantasies Revealed

Awaken your sexual desires by trying out some of the most common female fantasies. Surprise him and reveal him what you'd really love to try in bed tonight!

Everyone has sexual fantasies and desires. It is a normal and natural part of life. What isn’t normal, is the fact that many people who are committed to each other in a relationship don’t share their sexual fantasies with each other.

Many people, specifically women have admitted not telling their partner about their sexual fantasies because they did not want to be viewed differently, be rejected, or made fun of. This same issue affects men, but it would seem that women felt this more strongly than men do.

However, in a relationship, especially with the person you love, you should be completely honest, open, at ease, and trusting of them. You should feel secure, safe, and like you won’t be judged or shamed.

So don’t continue to repress your sexual fantasies. Instead, tell your partner about your sexual fantasies, and give them a shot as long as you are both willing to do so.

Or, if you are reading this in hopes of wowing your girlfriend, then we have you covered with the wide range of sexual fantasies for women that are covered below.

Read on to find out the most common female fantasies!

1) Sensory deprivation

blindfolded woman

A common sexual fantasy for women is the desire to be deprived of their ability to see, touch, or even just not being allowed to do something.

Common desires that come with this sexual fantasy would be wanting to be blindfolded, so that you can’t see. Another is being tied down so you can’t touch.

Lastly, a big one that comes with this sexual fantasy is that women want to be told not to do something until they are given permission.

2) Anal

Plenty of women share the common sexual fantasy of wanting their partner to do anal sex with them.

Anal sex gets a bad reputation from the media which tends to make women not want to admit to having this desire.

However, that should not stop you from exploring and trying new sexual acts which may deliver lots of pleasure for you and your partner.

3) Ravishment

Women want to have sex that is very rough, aggressive and heated. This common sexual fantasy is one that women possibly crave the most. They dream of their partner coming home, and just pushing them up against a wall, kissing them so passionately and aggressively, and to continue with this level of passion and aggression all the way through their sex session.

4) Knight in shining armor

sexy woman wearing black stockings

In this sexual fantasy, the woman wants to be the damsel in distress, the hostage, the victim, or the person in need of help. She wants her partner to come and save her, and to then make love to her while promising to never leave her and to always love and care for her.

5) The master and the slave

Contrary to the previous sexual fantasy women have, this one involves them wanting to be punished, held captive, and used. As much as they want to be saved, they also want to have no control, freedom, and to have to do whatever they are told to do.

6) Sex tape

Another sexual fantasy for women would be the desire to go all out and be wild in a sex tape with their partner. They want to get off on the thrill of knowing what they are doing is risky, and can possibly be seen by others even though it hopefully won’t be.

This sexual fantasy will make you and your partner feel more adventurous as you will want to perform in the best way you both can. As well, you both will want to show off your sexual skills for when the two of you watch it later on down the road. Meaning, you’ll enjoy the feeling and pleasure now, and you’ll love watching it with your partner later too.

7) Threesomes

two women and a man drinking wine

Women share this sexual fantasy with men. They want to watch their partner with another woman (or man) engaging in intercourse or sexual act. Then they will either get pleasure from just watching, or they will jump into the mix when things are becoming more heated.

8) New locations

A sexual fantasy for women would also be the desire to want to have sex in new locations. Whether it’s in an elevator, parking lot, car, public bathroom, a park, pool, library, doctor’s office, at either one of your workplaces, or on a beach.

All that matters for this sexual fantasy is the fact that the two of you will be pleasuring each other or having sex in a new place. Meaning you will also both run the risk of getting caught, which is a thrilling feeling that adds on to the experience.

9) She’s the plate

As odd as this sexual fantasy may sound, women tend to want to have food (such as whipped cream, caramel, chocolate sauce, ice cream, candy, or some other foods) drizzled and placed on them in various places. What happens next is their partner only uses their tongue and teeth to eat the food off of their body.

10) BDSM and domination

Beautiful young woman wearing BDSM cuffs and leash

Another sexual fantasy women have is to be dominated by their partner. They want to be told what to do and how to do it, while being restrained and having objects used on them by their partner.

Some women want light BDSM, while others want more intense forms of this, either way, they want to experiment and feel no control, something new and thrilling, and to also be submissive.

However, sometimes women also tend to want to be the one dominating. They want to tell their partner to what to do, while they do all the work.

11) Masturbation

A sexual fantasy that women would almost never want to talk about, even with their partner, is the desire to masturbate while their partner does the exact same.

There is something about this that makes women feel like this would bring them closer to their partner, while also being an ultimate tease as they wouldn’t let their partner finish the job – they would just make them watch.

12) Stranger

It would seem that plenty of women share the sexual fantasy of wanting to have sex with a stranger. As much as this may seem like a hookup or a one-night stand, it is a little different.

For this type of sexual fantasy, the woman wants to be out somewhere, see a person who they are intensely attracted to, exchange the look, and to then walk out of wherever they are.

They then would want the person to follow them out to then have hot, heated, and passionate sex with no words really exchanged and definitely with no strings attached.

A lot of other sexual fantasies for women range from wanting to go to a strip club with their partner, joining an orgy, going to a sex party, having candle wax dripped all over them, using sex toys, or being whipped or slapped.

Some other sexual fantasies for women would involve role playing where there are a doctor and a patient, teacher, and a student, a boss, and employee, or her dream character from one of her romance novels.

No matter what the role-playing fantasy is, they are easy to do once you go and buy the right attire. As well the roles you would both play may vary from time to time, but it will always be a fun and exciting idea to try out.

Of course, every woman is different and may, or may not have any of these as their sexual fantasies. However, whatever your sexual fantasies are, you should embrace them and try them with your partner!

If you can think of any other sexual fantasies for women, feel free to share!


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