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6 Best Places To Experience Outdoor Sex

When you need a little extra spice in your love life, getting passionate outdoors can be incredibly erotic. Check out our list of best places to experience outdoor sex.

If you are able to be spontaneous, and can spot the right place when you are feeling just right then lucky you. It’s definitely more difficult to be spontaneous outdoors because you don’t want to get caught in flagrante delicto—it could be embarrassing—but with a little thought and an eye on making the opportunity, outdoor sex can be very hot.

When it comes to getting it on in the great outdoors, the weather has to be reasonable. However, if you and your lover are already hot for each other, then who cares if the sun isn't shinning.

Outdoor passion can be a risky business, but the risks can just add to the occasion, making you and your lover feel extra hot. Try our six best places to experience outdoor passion—and really make them count.

1. If it’s just too hot and wet to sleep

Sexy couple in the car

Wait for a night when it’s too hot to sleep, then call your lover to pick you up. You can slip out of your place wearing only a skimpy chemise or button-through t-shirt and not much more, ready to slide into his car for the ride of your life.

Drive through the night while your body cools down and your imagination heats up. Find a country lane with a secluded pull in, and if it’s too uncomfortable in the car and there’s no one around, get out of the car, lean back and make it right there.

2. Love on a deserted beach

You and your lover always feel hotter when you are away on vacation, so make the most of the great outdoors and make it a memory for your own reasons. If you are lucky enough to find somewhere that is a little remote, you may just be able to find a deserted beach.

After walking a little way, you can sit on the sand near the shore to cool off. Let the waves lap over your feet and once the kissing and touching starts, if you still don’t have an audience, then sex on the sand can be so erotic.

3. Up close and personal under water

Young sexy couple on beach with sun rising in background

If the beach is not deserted enough, grab your lover’s hand and wade out into the sea until he is covered at least from the waist down. If there are other swimmers around, as long as they are not too close, it won’t be any sort of hardship to get close and personal with your man.

The great thing about water is that not only will it cover what you are doing under the surface, it will help to keep you buoyant so you can throw your arms around his neck and your wrap your legs around his torso and just let that passion overtake you.

4. Slip away for a skinny dip

It’s a warm sultry night, the temperature is high and you and your lover are feeling very hot. Maybe it’s the middle of the night, you can hear the crickets chirping, but no one else is around. You slip away from your room for an early-hours skinny dip. As you slip into the warm waters of the hotel pool, your lover knows just how hot you are feeling, and so you can let your bodies meet and entwine at the deep end—if you dare.

5. Sophistication: outdoors style

Sexy woman seduce her fashion male in sunglasses on balcony 2

It’s the tenth floor of an exclusive city hotel. It's modern sophistication, all chrome and glass. A king-sized bed, a leather sofa and champagne on ice.

Tall sliding doors lead out to a small private balcony with splendid views over the grounds and the river near by. There’s a table and two lounger style chairs.

It’s a dark night and refreshingly cool sipping champagne on the balcony. As you lie back on the reclining chair, you check that you are just about hidden from any prying eyes, and then you can’t help but get down and dirty.

6. Picnic in a deserted woods

Prepare a picnic and plan to spend an afternoon in a quiet outdoor space: your back garden, the old bluebell woods—as long as it’s close to private, any patch of outdoors will work.

Some strawberries, a little champagne perhaps and all that fresh air is bound to make you and your lover feel the need to get passionate together. Take plenty of blankets and pillows so that you can stretch out on the grass, or if you like the idea of sex standing up, getting your back against a tree can be just as electric.

Remember, outdoor passion is a risky business, and let’s be honest here: sometimes the risk adds just the right amount of spice to make it hot. Some places and some people find it completely unacceptable, though, so remember to be careful of when and where.

Where’s the hottest place you’ve had sex outdoors? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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